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rozha_plus_sm.jpg (4842 bytes)Paul Voytinsky
aka "Uncle Pasha"

He has a particular responsibility for business services (translations, interpreting, information searches and the like), English teaching, and especially immigration interview preparation.

airport.jpg (11311 bytes)Lest he forget his humble origins he is made to put on a driver's cap and go to the airport to meet brave souls who dare to come to this land of snow and vodka. Yes, for a small extra contribution to our cause (www.rural-russia.narod.ru) he'll personally stand there in a smoke-filled mafia-infested arrivals hall with a sign bearing your good name on it.

He fills gaps in work by developing this site. Do you like the feel of it? Are you impressed with its visibility? For a modest fee he can slap together and maintain one for you

Oh, our countryside projects (see Staritsa, Dacha, Horses, Moscow to St. Petersburg for instance) are also mostly his department.  Or was till recently.

When overcome intense dislike for humanity, which happens with increasing frequency as the world continues its downward course, he works on the Misery Tourism theme. From the business perspective, Misery tourisim is a stouter version of the Reality Tourism travel concept. He also hopes that one day bored humanity will appreciate this twist and bestow glory and especially money upon him. 


Please mind the time difference and use telephone only in real urgent situations but here are the numbers:

(+7-095) 959-3865 is Moscow Home Office and
8-916-117-1527 is his cellular which can only be dialed from within Russia

Mailing address in Russia:
Moscow 115035
Ovchinnikovskaya Nab. 8, apt. 508

Mailing address in Canada:
30-B Shehyn Lane
Nepean, Ontario
K2G 4Y6

driving.jpg (7965 bytes)

See a cute photo of Olesya
in the Horse Riding corner of
this site/

Olesya Pomazan is our official hospitality and Moscow Accommodation manager. She is great at planning, scheduling, and generally making sure things run as they should.

Her responsibilities  include relations with landlords (visits, interviews, photos and descriptions of places), Moscow survival orientation tours, procurement of tickets, help for visitors with special needs (eg. physically challenged) and a zillion other things to make your visit go smoothly.

As of summer 2002 our countryside project (www.rural-russia.narod.ru or www.russian-horse-rides.com) was moved to under her care.

Olesya can avail her services as an all-around helper for a very reasonable fee.

E-mail: olesya1111 [at] yandex [dot] ru 
Phone numbers are same as mine: 159-1246 and 8-916-754-0538 but they are to be used only in extraordinary situations.

yet to appear
Came out Nov. 11, 2001, 9:01pm. It's a girl..
yet to be named
Named Masha/Maria/Miriam

pregnant.jpg (8795 bytes)     the_kid.jpg (7396 bytes)

And that has become our official "under construction" sign


[Masha-related concerns are documented here]

Last update Februry 8, 2002

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