Accommodation between
Moscow and St. Petersburg
is presently (2005) one of my actively developing projects

....Istra, New Jerusalem, Klin, Tver, Volokolamsk, Staritsa, Rzhev, Torzhok,
Vyshny Volochek, Valday, Ostashkov, Staraya Russa, Novgorod,
Golden Ring:  Sergiev Posad, Khotkovo, Dmitrov, Vologda...

Of these Tver and especially Starisa have enough information content,
most of which is based on my own experience,
to claim to be some of the best resources in English
on these cities.

Moscow, St. Petersburg, & Trans-Siberian
Many accommodation offers direct from landlords and hosts, or operators of services similar to mine.

Coming up:
Moscow to Chisinau with a major stopover in Kiev,
with a possible detour to Odessa

About the project,
its author, and the hidden agenda 

Horse riding and other wholesome countryside fun at Pasha's dacha
on the Volga river, near Staritsa, between Moscow and St. Petersburg:

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TWO ROOMS Direct from the host, and I hope to be adding more no go-between accommodation options soon.. Help me if you know of any. Maria's rooms in St. Petersburg on Vasilyevsky...  The owner is personally known to me, good feedback.

Vasilyevsky Island room near the Pribaltiysky Hotel on the Bay of Finland, Metro Primorskaya ("By the sea"). 30 min. to the Hermiage and Nevsky. Luba's apartment - details 

St. Petersburg studio apartment for rent direct from the owner. Vasilyevsky Island by the Bay of Finland. $40/night, very well kept from what I hear. More info on ?????'s apartment

St. Petersburg homestay direct from host. Valisyevsky Island on the Bay. Details of Larissa's room

> Thanks for the message.  Wow, what good service.  Is> she really Russian?  No misery there for you tour, I'm >afraid.  However, the international hostel in St> Petersburg was a dump (as you predicted).  Didn't stay> there.  Instead have a lovely lovely hotel about 100> metres from the Hermitage.  The Hotel "Hayka",> Millionnaya Ul, 27.  1180 rubles for a great double> with fridge and tv.  Tel 812 315 3368.  Should go on> your recommended list, though I'm not sure the
> receptionist speaks English so booking would be> tricky.>
> Bye, Neil & Becky

Homestay and apartment in St. Petersburg direct from the owner who also offers a bunch of associated services (visa support, train station and airport transfer, guided tours, tickets etc.) and seems to take her job seriously -  E-mail

Host Families Association HOFA
Cell phone: 7-911-914-2762,  Phone/fax: 7-812-275-1992, 275-5465, ,,

(respond next business day - tested May 2003)

Title: Mini-hotels in St-Petersburg, Russia
Description: Mini-hotels in Saint-Petersburg. Information, accommodation, online reservations. Cozy and comfortable atmosphere, personal care and attention, European level of service, and moderate prices make them an ideal choice.

+7 (812) 272-2742, +7 (812) 468-2911 (pager, 24/7)

Russian St. Petersburg Tours
St. Pete photos and information, piece of advice and services for travelers.

Phone: +7-812-327-0373 Fax: +7-812-327-0373
Address: 22 Sinopskaya emb., 191167, St.Petersburg, Rus

FairPlay, , Recommended as a versatile traveller support company that adheres to its declared mission to deliver value. They specialize in somewhat non-standard tours. Examples are Alternative St. Petersburg, Russian North, and Horseback Travel.

Serviced apartments in the historical center. Contact Tatiana Evdokimova:   [respond within 24 hours but seem expensive, eg. offer $80/night apartment when you ask them for something "decently budget"]  [no response May 2003] [complaint of unclear nature received June 2003]

"Original St. Petersburg Russian Tours Australian-Russian joint venture travel company offering accommodation in St. Petersburg : homestay b&b from $22, homestay halfboard from $27, apartments from $35, hotels from $79. Free consultations. Write to"

"Russian language in the EducaCentre, St. Petersburg, Russian immersion language courses and homestay accommodation by the EducaCentre (est. 1989), biggest language school in St. Petersburg, Russia."

Phone +7 (812) 3270373  |||   Fax  +7 (812) 3270373
22 Sinopskaya emb., St. Petersburg,  193167, Russia]

[respond within 24 hours - May 2003]

"Alliance Travel: We provide accommodation in rented apartments within 24 hours after a request was received; invitation for a Russian visa within 2 hours and guided tours designed according to your wishes. All this for the lowest price in Petersburg. For further info please write Svetlana Salovska to or visit our site


Moscow to St. Petersburg the slow way through New Jerusalem, Volokolamsk, Rzhev, Staritsa, Tver, Torzhok, Staraya Russa, Novgorod... By car and train, with part of the route by raft or horse..

"Lodging in Saint-Petersburg" offers the best hotel alternative - inexpensive,comfortable, exquisitely furnished and fully equipped private apartments in our city. We can accomodate you from 2 nights to several months. If needed our representative will meet you at the airport and bring to the chosen flat. You can review our online information on or e-mail to, TEL. 7 812 272 2742   [alive and responded to test inquiry FIRSTs - May 2003]


Host Families Association (HOFA), Tavricheskaya 5-25, St.Petersburg, Russia. Contact Professor Alexei Kostarev,  Professor Alexei Kostarev, fax/phone +7-812-275-1992 (EST +8 hours, GMT +3 hours), RussianStay@Yahoo.Com,, URL THEY PROMISE TO FAX YOU YOUR INVITATION WITHIN SIX HOURS!! [tried e-mailing, no response]

Tickets of Russia. St.Petersburg: huge city guide with maps, livecams; Kirov Opera, the Hermitage, etc. Russia: classical music in mp3 & Real Audiuo, catalog of websites, mass media, gay & lesbian, visas & many others., Write George Elisson to [e-mails bounce - Jan. 2003]

St. Petersburg people!  You have a well-developed grassroots level tourism industry. Congratulations, and thank you for all the offers. From now on I will be getting fussy - only proposals with a strong statement of positioning and competitive advantage will be added to this list. That is, you need to explain how and why and for whom you are the best. Ads of the sort "I will show you around St. Peters and help you find accommodation and my rates are reasonable" will not be accepted. Show that you can work the cracks, and I'll gladly consider you a worthy partner, and help bringing your message to your potential clients. Landlords and hosts! I am always happy to document no-in-between offers from real people. Write me about yourself and what you can offer to guests., -  Homestay accommodation in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Save money, make new friends and learn some Russian!


NPMP Nota Bene Travel -
All about St.Petersburg for tourists:
St.Petersburg hotels guide:
All Russian hotels>  [respond slowly, have $20/night homestays - May 2003]



Waiting for offers and are not getting any. I thought Russian countryside would welcome money travellers bring. Oh well, I guess growing potatoes give you more excitement than cultivating American backpackers... See the old list of our Rural Russian Travel Colleagues and Partners - maybe you'll find something there. Of course, rural Russia is waiting for you in the village of Dubrovki on the Volga between Moscow and St. Petersburg... Now working on  horseback rides in the hills over the Volga..


Our particular focus is the area between Moscow and St. Petersburg, and specifically the City of Staritsa in Tver region, where we have a dacha that you are invited to visit if you are into an immersion experience. Please see Real Russia away from tourist haunts. We are looking for offers from villages and farms to give travellers a genuine sense of rural Russia. Also check the site dedicated exclusively to our rural development project:

Coming up: proposed Moscow to St. Petersburg itinerary through New Jerusalem, Volokolamsk, Rzhev, Staritsa, Torzhik, Novgorod, and Pskov. Part of this trip we envision will be by horse and part by an inflatable raft. The highlight of a trip will by a night in a cave.   SEE WWW.UNCLEPASHA.COM/MOSCOW_TO_ST-PETERSBURG.HTM

At the risk of repeating myself I do invite you to visit horseback rides in the hills over the Volga