The "Aluminum Fork" project to bring you the quintessential Soviet-era Moscow, or vestiges thereof..

Aluminum fork and its unsurpassed grease-retaining capacity.....

Aluminum fork as a symbol....

Aluminum fork - the economy of it....

Selection criteria: price, character, history, .....

Cheap eating establishment will be found under these signs: stolovaya, zakusochnaya, kafeterii, ryumochnaya....


Zakryto na obed - closed for lunch

Net sveta - close because the hydro is down

Zakryto po pekhnicheskim prichinam -

Muzhchina, zaberite sdachu - Man, take your change.


  On your way from the airport, near ???? visa support agency, washroom - yes, expant corner of Moscow, chances are you are within walking distance, M. Belorusskaya, most of C/N and Vera apartments are around there. $3-5 will get you full.

Check out

The Beer and Vodka


  "By The Treyakov Gallery" cafe, Bolshoi Tolmachevsky 3. Not an aluminum fork establishment but I included it here because of its quintessential old Moscow character. Run by tetechkas and babushkas, this place includes an antique shop and a translator's office. Food is "standard Russian" except for truly great pastries.. Vegetable soup is usually available and the vegetable dish is rather substantial - see vegetarian Russia. Also ask for their own sauerkraut. In the summer heat seat outside, in the shade of old lime-trees. Humble, cozy, complete with a cat.



  [photos disappeared]

"Nikon" Cafeteria, Paveletskaya pl. 1.

A tetechki-operated establishment, eternally greasy aluminum forks have not been replaced by plastic, to use the washroom you ask the waiter who then goes to their director and upon her return announces that you've been granted the permission. Plastic table covers of the sort I've only seen in all-you-can-eat for $4Can Indian restaurant in Toronto 20 years ago.

Places of cultural interest nearby: Lenin Funeral Train and Bakhrushin Theatre Museum. A few steps from the Riverside Towers, one of Moscow's bigger business centers.


Entirely alright Turkish coffee - 10R (33 cents)
Moscow Brandy, 50g (1 1/3 oz.) - 30R ($1)
Small vegetable salad - 25R (under $1)
Fried potatoes - 10R (33 cents)
Squid - 57R ($1.60)

I came out slightly drunk and overfed for 250R ($7) including a small tip.

Several other similar establishments on the Kozhevnicheskaya side of the Peveletsky Square but Nikon is best in its time-capsule capacity.

Need housekeeping help?

 Russian or Ukrainian style cooking?

Contact our housekeeper Catherine at 8-27629-461 in Russian, or write me with a note "for Catherine".

..Filling yet healthy food, all-around housekeeping help, energetic, knowledgeable, and reliable..


  Another one of my favourites is the one at #???? Leningradsky, on your way to the Sheremetyevo airport.


[view from the outside]

A full meal for two will cost $12-15. A serious snack can be had for $5. Clean, efficient service. OK washroom. Hearty vegetarian options, and tetechkas and babushkas will understand your request.

  Speaking of Sheremetyevo, I recommend the stuff cafeteria on the 4th floor. The elevator will NOT stop there and there is no sign or any other hint that you will find an excellent meal for $5-6 right in the country's main international airport. On the main floor about that much will get you a small bun and a coke. The secret was revealed to me by my esteemed colleagues at Contact them about any of your St. Petersburg travel needs.  



Check out:

Vechny Zov, Yaroslavskoye 111

Ermakov, Shesseinaya 1

Zakuska na Khudozestvennom  Kamergersky per 5/7

Kozhevniki, Kozevnicheskaya ul. 1

Nik Buterbrodnaya, Nikolskaya 13

Karma Cafe, Nikolskaya

??? Bolshaya Ordynka

House kitchen, M. Pervomaiskaya

Pirozhkovaya Yunnykh Lenintsev 71/1

Sesame  Lubertsy  Oktyabrsky prosp. 91/97 (for Moscow-the-tough tour)