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Black list

This little document is for the practical benefit of my travel business colleagues. Although bad clients constitute a very small percentage of my business, they tend to occupy a disproportionate amount of my attention (by some reason they love letter writing are incessant callers) and leave us feeling like shit, so posting them here is also for the therapeutic effect for me and Olesya.

Please note only very clear cases make it to the list, and before posting someone here I send several messages, including a notice my registered mail. I also make sure that the person is alive to avoid an embarrassing situation.

This Black List is NOT blackmail. Once your name appears here, I will not take your payment and will not take your name off here. Once you are here and you name shows up #1 in response to search queries I consider you as having been punished and thus owing me nothing.

Bien Estopare of 7429 Forton Way, San Diego, CA  92111, tel. (858) 278-3402, e-mail requested me to release $130US cash to his Russian mail-order friend while he would send me a cheque. After several "your cheque is in the mail" and "I lost your address" I had no choice but to conclude that Russian mail-order bride seeker Bien Estopare is a small-time scumbag. Summer 1999?

Allan Russel.....

Name withheld. I'll leave the name out because his fellow did not feel my billing him was appropriate. Let the story however server as an illustration. As I'm heading to my dacha I get a call to the effect that it is a matter of life and death and I should drop everything else and visit his girlfriend and deliver her flowers and that the errand is to be done by a older teacher-type lady. My suggestion to wait till Monday, when all of us are ready for business and getting things done was easier, was rejected. So I allowed myself to be influenced by his hype and did hit the phone and after a while did find an appropriate person, explained to her the importance and urgency of the task, and left it to Olesya to check into getting flowers. Then his g/f showed up, and flowers turned out expensive, and given the situation I sent the fellow a $50 bill to cover some of my administrative time spent on trying to fulfill his request. Even though he knew what my rate is, he declined to pay because, he said, it turned out my services were not required at the end, and he is not going to pay for what he didn't need. I spent 3 hours by the computer and the phone exchanging messages with him and making calls on his behalf, and Olesya probably wasted another couple of hours checking into buying flower. From what I recall now, the the story ended till early Monday morning, when I had to get a hold of the lady who was to make the delivery to cancel the trip. I did speak to the fellow on the phone and felt his refusal to pay was not motivated by greed so I will spare his name. Still, the same scenario repeated itself a couple of times a year pushing me towards "I won't move a finger till you pay" policy. Normally I waste an hours, not 5-6, on these "get a hold of my girlfriend or I kill myself". 

Hey, WK from UK, recognize yourself in the above story? GW, sounds familiar?

Final official notification will be dispatched shortly after which his name will appear here. xxxxx Westwick Court, Sterling, Virginia 20165, tel. (703) xxxxxx, e-mail xxxxxx and xxxxx. My job was (a) to read a lot of his sob; (b) process it into a singles profile; and (c) translate replies. So I plowed my way through 70-100 messages with attachments, compiled his story, posted it, and translated over 30 pages of his correspondence. A huge job, and both at the beginning at through the process I was reminding this fellow that the bill will not be small. The result: Check is in the mail, check got misdirected, computer is down, trouble with the family story will he discontinued contact. BTW, the profile was real good, and you can see it here for an example of what we can do to make the last loser look good. [link]

Names withheld/forgotten but not stories. Several fellows who gave me "the cheque is on the way" line to reserve my apartment while there was no cheque and people of course gave me the cancellation notice 2-3 days before their planned arrival.

PayPal. Their promise is to "transfer funds to anyone with e-mail". My attempt to transfer money from my PayPal account to my Royal Bank account resulted in them freezing my funds. It took at least 10 e-mails from me and my clients and about the same number of calls to get them to refund money to my clients. A lot of time wasted.

All problem individuals, without exception, were Russian brides seekers. Two of them (est. 20%) were lawyers.


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Got a beef to air? I can add your link here. Please expect me to poke my nose into the situation to make sure it is a clear case of bad faith, not a dispute. Expect to be challenged. If you've been screwed and hurt and your case is beyond doubt, write to me. Chances are small but in a couple of cases in the past I was even able to help.


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