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  with a copy to paul_voytinsky@yahoo.com 

E-mail is the most practical way to get in touch with me in most situations. It is checked first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and about 10 times during the day. I ALWAYS respond no matter how silly the enquiry. If you don't hear from me assume it is some sort of a technical glitch and try again, perhaps from a different address. Occasionally Yahoo filters out legitimate e-mails as spam. Again, expect to hear from me real soon, often instantly. Calling on the phone IS acceptable if you don't hear from me within let's say 12 hours.

My Notice Board is a good place to ask general questions related to travelling, living, or working in Russia. Please contribute answers and share views. Opinions about my services should also be posted there. Some pretty intelligent, knowledgeable, and shock-proof people have been seen there so don't hesitate posting your off-the-wall questions or concerns.




When telephoning do remember the time difference.
Moscow is 8-9 hours ahead of New York
and 3 hours ahead of most European cities.



Please note that telephone is for emergency use or something close to it. 90% of calls I receive are entirely avoidable. I ask you to pause for a second before your start dialing. I ask you to pause for a second before your start dialing.To encourage you to take a pause I've made the number above barely visible but it will show if highlighted with a cursor. The last drop was a hysterical call from a Belgian who could not find the info on the staff cafeteria in Ismailovo. Nearly ended me in a ditch under the walls of New Jerusalem..

Having said the above I urge you to keep the my phone number and those of my associates on you at all times while in Russia. My phone is always on, even at night. If people are considerate I'll stick to my policy of always being accessible, day or night, drunk or sober, whatever..

Please understand the above diatribe right, and don't hesitate to call me on the phone should the situation require such a call.



Prefer an old-fashioned letters? My Moscow address is

115035 Moscow
Ovchinnikovskaya naberezhnaya 8, kv. 508
Voytinsky P.V.

Indicate my number (8 985 217 3241) on the package if sending anything large, registered, or valuable.

    Again, be assured that I answer ALL enquiries. If you don't hear from me soon within a reasonable length of time do try again, perhaps from a different e-mail address, or do use the phone. Yes, not hearing from me within a few hours does justify the use of telephone.

Pasha (= Paul, Pavel) Voytinsky