May 2 2013

That's one awfully outdated page but the dacha & horses project is still alive. Yes, for $50/day you can still have a place to stay, basic food, and often unlimited access to horses. Sometimes even lessons. I no longer personally run the project but Dima is doing a better job than I ever could. See or write to me. I'm still there once in a while and in regular contact with Dima, and answer most of the general questions, or even organize a trip from Moscow to Staritsa via Krasnogorsk (military equipment museum), New Jerusalem (especially for those interested in Russian history and in particularly the church schism that started sometime around 1660s), or perhaps Klin (Tchaikovsky House Museum) and Tver..   Whatever brought you to this ancient page may be at where I try to consolidate all the small town/rural/out of the way places info I have. If in doubt start with the main index page or write to  Oh, you may have been looking for accommodation in Moscow. If that's the case proceed to

Below is the old page. I'm keeping it for its historic value.




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 Dacha Stay

on the Volga river, near the ancient city of Staritsa, between Moscow and St. Petersburg, in the heart of Russia

Ours is a genuine Russian dacha in a deserted village, not an suburban cottage built for rich foreigners.

You are welcome any season, especially in the winter.

And the price is right two:

gets you a bed or a private room, basic food,
 and even a horse to ride

Want to stay longer than a few days? Interested in working holidays? Talk to us.


Background picture is that of our dacha. More drawings and photos of the house and the surrounding countryside in
Horse Rides and Trips - Our Guests Get Creative


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Contact information

(+7-095) 959-3856

8-916-117-1527 or 8-910-932-3110
(from within Russia only)