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More ugly disclaimers:

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  1. Attention accommodation clients: WE ARE NOT LANDLORDS. With just one exception, places listed in our famous Accommodation Master List  are owned and maintained by independent operators. Our role is to fill the information gap by helping you and landlords or hosts to find each other. Although we make every effort to monitor business integrity and quality of service, and to facilitate communications, and to be on the standby and ready to step in should complications develop, WE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ARRANGEMENTS WITH LANDLORDS. I WILL SPECIFICALLY ASK YOU NOT TO DIRECT DISCOUNT REQUESTS TO ME unless you are intereted in our Ovchinnikovskaya Quay Studio in Moscow. And even then you are not likely to receive one. Why? Please explore this site to see what I am trying to do and why I am not in a position to be too generous.

    As long as you understand our role, feel free to ask me to relay technical messages, especially when landlords/hosts don't speak English or have no e-mail.

  2. WE ARE NOT TRAVEL AGENTS. We compile information, throw in a few of our own observations, and give advice for which we can't be held accountable in the legal sense. We help travellers to Russian BUT WE DO NOT ARRANGE TRIPS. Those who do not feel comfortable with the idea of independent travel should contact a licensed and certified travel agent, which we are not.

  3. I am sensitive to communication style. Among the things that bother me are signatures with "Mr." or other title, and excessive use of sentences starting with "I". The record so far is 6.  Sentences that, while being questions, have an exlmamation mark at the end annoy me to the exrteme (eg. Can you find me an a cheap apartment in Moscow!). More examples of verbal structure that gets on my nerves are coming up. Plain innocent errors and typos are permitted though, and I don't mean to make anyone engage in editing and proofreading of run-of-the mill communications.

  4. See other disclaimers and warnings scattered around the site. Also check the OUR PREJUDICES page.

You may wonder, quite legitimately, if you can get any guarantees or at least assurances out of us.

  1. Yes, we assert that information you find here is as precise as it gets. We've compiled it in good faith and even periodically review it. Our judgement and resulting advice are often quite good too.

  2. It may be hard to believe, but over the years we've had several happy clients. Their comments can be seen in the Testimimonials page of our Travel and Accommodation section and in the Client List under Business Services. Unhappy clients are also quoted there to be fair and as an illustration of how we operate. Some comments can also be found at our recently established BBS

Our services do carry a limited guarantee, i.e. we'll make up for our failure by providing an equivalent service, or refunding your pre-payment, if any. 

OK, I've got an attitude problem and was punished for it by banishment from civilized Canada into a bleak cold Moscow, and then even further to the village of Dubrovki. And yet this is not the end of my descent as my invaluable colleague Andrei (who organizes horse rides in the vicinity of Staritsa, Tver region, between Moscow and St. Peters)   [ NEWER VERSIONS: WWW.RUSSIAN-HORSE-RIDES.COM & WWW.STARITSA.INFO ]  and my beloved wife Olesya (who does most of the meet-and-greet stuff with travellers) seem to have united in their efforts to transplant me into an nearby cave the Staritsa district is famous for. So, please, I've paid my debt to society and now can I please be allowed to wear any facial expression and use any tone of voice I like? Tha-anks.

Paul V. Voytinsky

PS. Written on a particularly dismal day that started with that damn dog Busik peeing twice on my favourite chair in front of the fireplace, that darn ratter! Don't forget to inquire about our Dog Rental service to help you feel at home during your Moscow stay..

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