(free, whether you rent my whole apartment or are staying there as a backpacker/homestay guest, to make you feel at home in this far-away land)

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He will encourage you to take invigorating morning walks.

Social integration, including picking up girls, is easier with him. Speaking of girls, do check out my page for Russian Mail Order Bride Seekers pages. Not my favourite service product but under the circumstances I have no choice but to help people in their often doomed pursuits and to participate in human trade...

Busik will make you look like a local, which, among other benefits,  enhances your safety.

He is allowed in public transportation and into many stores because of his compact size.

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Write to

We care about your psychological well-being and comfort!

I also need a break from this hyperactive ferret with erratic waste evacuation habits. Take him away from me!! Discounts available. Become a preferred client. Those who will arrange him to get irretrievably lost will be thanked in a major way..

Rhymes (in Russian) dedicated to Busik
and more pictures where I tried to capture the whole extend of his in-and-out ugliness


The next logical step: Kid rental.

(Seriously though, in a few short years we will need like-minded families for the purpose of child exchange, to enhance their development. Please contact us with questions, ideas, and proposals. Some information has been posted on www.babysitting.narod.ru)

This is an outdated page. Busik and Masha are with Olesya, and Olesya is no longer part of my projects or my life. Her site is www.russiangirlfriday.com

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