This offer of backpacker accommodation is no longer available. Only the whole unit can be rented out, and guests too must be "one unit", not strangers to each other. Exceptions are possible for people I personally know and value, or those who fall into the "preferred client" category, or those I'm likely to like, which is unlikely these days. When my apartment is not rented out I tend to come to Moscow myself from my hideout in Staritsa (See Staritsa, Tver region and  Horse Riding)and you can in principle join me as a roommate but I cannot sincerely recommend the company of old grumpy irritable self. 

For those who are curious why I'm moving away from the budget end of the market my counter question is why budget clients use up so much more resource, in relative and often absolute terms? Your average travelling millionaire generates less of a load than a typical backpacker or a poor Russian wife seeker. I've come to a paradoxical situation of being much more willing to give a discount to the rich than to the poor. 

I'm keeping this old page for your general information. Just scroll down.






"Dutch Loft"
The best bargain for the backpacking crowd
On the canal a short walk from Red Square. Quiet and civilized, will all standard amenities, including Internet-wired guest computer. Easy access to everything, from shopping to culture. Direct from the owner of www.unclepasha.com and related sites.

Availability: The "Dutch Lolf" is available whenever the whole apartment is. The dates are at the top of the Apartment Description page.

Reservations: I'm not able to reserve backpacker accommodation if this is the only thing you need from me. If you find yourself in Moscow, need a cheap place to stay in style, just write or even call. If I can't accommodate you, try rooms and homestays listed on www.cheap-moscow.com  In 90% of cases something will be available in the $10-30/night class, and the worse case scenario is a $50 hotel room.

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Lots of new material on cities between Moscow and St. Petersburg is being added to www.staritsa.info 

small discounts for couples

Named "Dutch Loft"
because people from Holland
seem to like it considerably. 

....Renamed into "Lothar Matthaus Loft" in retaliation, after two characters from Amsterdam threw two bucks and walked out on me instead of duly appreciating my CUTE LITTLE PET RAT RENTAL / UGLY RODENT REMOVAL service. Lothar Matthaus, apparently, is the most hated personage in the whole Kingdom of Netherlands - that's why. Haven't seen many Dutch since.

That's how the world looks from the loft that I made from storage space. Sleeps two comfortably.


Alternatively, especially if you are in no condition to climb ladders, you can take the little bedroom downstairs. [photos soon]


Feedback from
Dutch Loft guests


A letter from Holland
commenting on the name "Dutch Loft"


Coming up soon:  A comprehensive report on the Zamoskvorechye district of old Moscow

Onto the
loft from below. CLICK TO ENLARGE

From the loft


Please note the shaky ladder.

There is no house liability insurance, the concept is not practiced here, and I am not worth suing.

I walled off a small storage den. You are welcomed to leave your bags there while visiting other cities.

If you need "just a pad to crush" someplace civilized and central, and you are the sort of person compatible with me, my "Dutch Loft" offer may be it. 

My sites probably provides enough information to let you decide to what extent you can co-exist in one space with me.

For a mere $25/person or $40/couple contribution to the cost of apartment upkeep you'll be able to recuperate, do your laundry, check e-mail, and otherwise prepare yourself to continue your journey through Russia.

The location is extra-convenient, on the canal, 7-10 min. walk to St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square. 

Yes, you will have access to an Internet-wired computer high speed internet now available and the guest computer has been repaired.

YES, you can borrow my bike


A 10-speed with half of them amputated for greater reliability can be borrowed. Also available one of these folding scooters.




YES I will mention you to my English students who may be able to entertain you and take you places in exchange for language practice. If you want to of course.

But please no joyful youngsters bursting with energy because I am an old killjoy grouch. No guidebook type travellers. Then there also is a type who keeps on exclaiming "beautiful", "spectacular", and "isn't that something", usually in shriek penetrating voice.  I prefer guest who spend time in a manner that pretends to a measure of enlightenment. Quiet walks through old Moscow, feeding ducks on the canal, or making sketches of buildings in an attempt to capture the spirit of the place are examples of approved activities. "Doing" the Red Square - Hungry Duck - Tverskaya - Tretyakov Gallery routine or running around with a camera taking a picture of yourself in front of things big and vertical annoys the crap out of me, and I need more than $25 to keep my sentiments hidden. Please check my Prejudices & Pet Peeves page before deciding if you want to be my guest.

(Under present stressed financial circumstances a surcharge of $10 puts a smile on my face no matter what you do or don't. Patience and good attitude are available while supplies last.)

Speaking of the rubberneck Americans and camcorder-armed Japanese in the Red Square, I plan to incorporate tourist-watching into my grand Misery Travel concept for the unsurpassed enjoyment of fellow misanthropes.  But that's another story. This section of my site is supposed to be nice.

Check out www.cheap-moscow.com for more options of this sort. As long as the travelling public reacts positively and the hosts are happy I'll be actively seeking, documenting and making available though this site affordable and fun accommodation options. Visit this site once in a while. And of course I will always appreciate feedback about hosts on my www.cheap-moscow.com and recommendations of offers to be added there.


    Paul Voytinsky aka Uncle Pasha

 Of course I prefer hearing from you ahead of time but, should you find yourself in Moscow not knowing what to do next, feel free to call me at 8-916-117-1527 (Moscow) or 8-910-932-5546 (Staritsa). I'll try to help. Normally we don't leave people on the street.  


We are Patrick and Sabine from Roelofarendsveen, Holland (near Amsterdam). With a years savings we quit our jobs and went on an overland tour to and through Asia. While searching for accommodation in Moscow we came across Uncle Pasha’s site www.unclepasha.com . He keeps a list of $40-70/night units, but when we asked for something real cheap and central..... CONTINUE

 Airport pickup is available and strongly recommended to first-time visitors.

Ask about Practica orientation tour by Olesya.




A view from the window. Just so that you don't say I withheld a material fact, you do see smokestacks of Moscow's first powerhouse build in 1890s. Think of it as a landmark. A noisy nightclub and a power generation museum* are now an integral part of the plant..

*Watch for the upcoming list of cute little un-touristy museums. The Valenki (Felt Boots) Museum is one of my favourites, and a page on it is coming up. Forestry and Geology museums will soon be written up too. These will probably crystallize at www.cheap-moscow.com/zamoskvorechye.htm 

Please note that reservations for backpacker guests are not, in most cased, of the "carved in stone" grade. If you reserve my "Dutch Loft" for one night and then I get a "serious" client who wants it, say, for two weeks, I may have to offer you something else. Happens once in a while. If it does, I will go out of my way to find the closest available option to what you've been expecting, and probably get you there at my expense. 

A rat by the name of Lunch is available to enhance your Moscow experience. This adorable cutie loves attention and will follow you if let out of his cage. Alternatively, you can write to folks back home about his this pest with long yellow teeth, a naked tail, and grotesque protruding testicles. Tell them of an crazy Russian landlord who forced you to share living space with a rodent under the threat of taking you to pest-free Balchug-Kempinski. If you seriously can't stand rats, he can be removed from the apartment for at $2.98 daily.


If you need privacy or there are 2-3 of you, I can rent out the whole place. The rate is $75/night. Sleeps 3 comfortably, can accommodate 4, and once did a family of 5 or 6 plus their dog.



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