St. Petersburg, Russia
Room for rent direct from the owner


Host: Luba (Lubov Yuryevna), retired engineer, speaks English. One of her daughters who lives nearby fluently speaks French

Location: Vasilyevsky Island by the Gulf of Finland, near the Pribaltiyskaya Hotel, Metro Primorskaya ("By the Sea"), 2 stops from Metro Gostiny Dvor (on Nevsky), or 30 min by bus to the Hermitage and the beginning of Nevsky. Close to LenExpo and many historic attractions. Remember that St. Petersburg started on the Vasilyevsky Island.

Telephone: (812) 356-1669 or contact her via Masha by writing to

Cost: $25/night per person or couple, perhaps $20 per person in the off season. Compare to over $100/night in the Pribaltiyskaya hotel next door.

The Pribaltiyskaya Hotel. Luba's room is in the buildings to the right of it. I stayed in that hotel twice in or around '97 when doing an interpreting stint for a group of TV time -selling experts. Open doors that swing towards you remain one of the first and thus lasting impressions of St. Petersburg's many absurdities that are, in their number and their strength, too much even for me.
A few from Luba's room
The room is your standard ** hotel room.
Another view of the room.
And still another.
The kitchen that also serves as dining area. I think breakfast is included but will check with Luba's friend who is expected in Moscow pretty soon.
The washing machine. Most hotels, even expensive ones, have a problem doing laundry fast, not to mention the price.