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Distance Training

In response to inquiries from other lands I'm presently  experimenting, with some success, in rendering interview preparation services remotely.

The process will include editing and refining your resume and letters of reference, developing good and clear answers to typical immigration interview questions, and a couple of telephone sessions. It may help to see a video of you, if such is technically possible..

Interview questions and answers can be recorded on tape to be sent to you.

This service is expected to cost the same as the standard 5-session interview preparation ($200-250US). Shipment of materials except by regular mail will probably be extra.

Any questions, concerns, suggestions? Don't hesitate to write.


Paul  V. Voytinsky

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  • You have an interview scheduled with a Canadian immigration officer, or with an officer of any other country that grants immigration visas based on your profession and your readiness for social integration

  • You are preparing for a job interview at a Canadian, American or any other western company or organization

  • You need to develop or edit your resume, write a cover letter, or improve your ability to communicate in person, via telephone, or in writing

  • You need easily readable, attractive and the same time precise translation of documents  (work record books, letters of reference, diplomas and so on) in support of your immigration application

  • Presently most of the materials generated in the process of preparing over a hundred candidates for their immigration interview at the Canadian embassy in the course of 8-9 years are being organized, edited, supplied with comments, and posted at Once organized and made into proper teaching materials, they will become accessible from this English page.

Although your interview will likely be in English, I see my job not in teaching English as such, but in helping you make your communications more effective, and to present and "sell" yourself to the immigration officer or potential employer. English is an important but still a secondary objective. If, however, you, as a client, insist that we make specifically the study of English our goal, then I, in turn, will want to arrange our lessons around something specific. The usual language teaching and learning, without a clear direction and focus, is of little interest to me professionally, and there are better and more patient teachers than I am. Materials for a course of intensive practical English for technical professionals are also arranging themselves into a semblance of a system, so do check back once in a while. Feel free to prod me to work to more active work...

Have you found what you've been looking for, within the scope of my mission of course? Let me know if you did, scream if you didn't. Come back once in a while as I plan to go a lot of work on this part of my site this spring and summer of 2003. Let me know what specifically interests you.

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Colleagues and competitors! We are open to any mutually beneficial forms of co-operation and collaboration, from link exchange to pooling resources to benefit our clients. I am especially interested in hearing from English and French teachers who work in a dynamic and results-oriented manner, and who also are well-versed in technical and business subjects. I will also be glad to hear from immigration lawyers and consultants, whose clients may benefit from my help in getting ready for their interviews..

This is probably all I have to say by way of introduction.

You will find full contact information here. Please write and expect to hear from me very soon, or telephone if you need to.

Paul Voytinsky

March 11, 2003