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laundry & other housekeeping help

Catherine is the only one of us without a laptop computer. She requested our help in getting computerized, and we in turn ask anyone with a written off laptop to give it to Catherine, possibly in exchange for her services. It can be a totally written off machine, worth very little, as long as it supports Windows 95/98. Computer types check out your closets! Thank you in advance. - Pasha


Catherine, our housekeeper, will be happy to help you with laundry and other domestic tasks, eg. shopping, cooking, or babysitting.

One load (approx 3kg) washed, dried, and folded - $5.

Ironing - $3-5 per load.

Articles that require hand washing - $1/item incl. ironing

Pickup and delivery - $5 each. These don't apply if you rent our apartment or are our homestay guest (see Dutch Loft and Room on the Canal).

Your laundry will usually be ready the next day.

Cooking, Russian and Ukrainian style, assistance with shopping - $10/hour, and she is pretty efficient.

Babysitting - $4/hour.

Anything else we can do to take your mind off housekeeping and help you concentrate on YOUR work?

Stay comfortable and productive. Get Catherine to help you.

Write to Expect a response from right away to within hours.

In emergency or if you just can't wait please call (095) 959-3865, or 8-916-117-1527 or 8-901-902-4681

Pasha &Co.



Sept. 6, 2003










PS. I periodically receive questions about Laundromat facilities in Moscow. As far as I know there is but one such place on Vavilova Street. Detailed information will be added here shortly..

Here are some links to pages that describe the laundry situation in Moscow....