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Luxury apartments in Moscow

Featuring Moscow Rick 

Received August 16:

Immediate openings I have are for two studios both located near metro
Sukharevskaya at $50 and $60/night for a 1-week stay.  In general, add or
subtract $5/night for a shorter or longer stay.  A 1-bedroom near same metro
also available for $80/night.  2-bedroom available (Sukharevskaya) from Aug
25 - Sept 5 ($100/night) and then again after Sept 10 ($115/night).  All
prices listed have been discounted by $10-25/night.

Write to or call (095) 741-7606.

In this section you will find freshly renovated western-style apartments. If comfort, convenience, and location are more important than economy, check this section. Note, however, that luxury apartments may be listed in other sections. Presently anything over $100/night can be considered as "luxury" and an average professional American or west European will not feel out of place there. 

Presently I can only recommend apartments from "Moscow Rick". All of Rick's apartments are in the city center and are renovated and furnished to western standard.

While there are several operators in Moscow who offer comfortable and well-situated apartments, one of the best things about dealing with Rich is that he always responds e-mails and is there to answer your phone calls, which is not a small part of the definition of "luxury".

Write him at or call (095) 741-7606.

I have received complaints to the effect that he he abuses superlatives (best, most etc.) and dumps a major sales pitch on callers. May I humbly remind you that Rick's job is to rent quality apartments, not serve as an example of stylistic finesse. Feedback welcomed in connection with his services, not his communication manner.


Videos of two of Rick's 10 apartments
(turn up your computer volume before opening to hear the narration better)

Deluxe 2-bedroom in a great location
For high-speed internet connections:
FlatVideos/suk2b.wmv (6.2mb)
For slower connections:
FlatVideos/suk2.wmv (633kb)

Comfortable 1-bedroom in a great location
For high-speed internet connections:
Videos/shepkina1b.wmv (5.8mb)
For slower connections:
Videos/shepkina1.wmv (592kb)


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