This page is scheduled to be revived in the near future (May 2011). After years here I still fail to find much of positive value in Russia. This place, however, consistently and reliably generates disappointment, annoyance etc. all the way to downright misery. Thus my return to the Russian Misery Travel (c) concept. Coming up: the outcast experience; a night in the militsia cell, low-life drinking establishments, a review of Russian history; a compilation of random phrases to give you a glimpse of what occupies your average person here, a selection of random newspaper headlines, etc. etc. Be back soon. Scroll down for the old stuff.. I've allowed some paid advertising. Poverty made me do that. Please understand and if something just does not fit probably it is an advertising line..


A drawing by
Vovchik of Ryazan

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Who cares about wimpy "Reality Tourism" when you can partake in the real thing
Russian Misery Tourism
"for the sophisticated misanthrope in you"

The Bomzh (Outcast) Experience. An exercise in transcending social roles. See how the world looks from the bottom in the guise of a Moscow homeless.. [more]\

Client feedback on the misery perceptive synopsis of what I do, submitted by one of my clients

Established a Testimonials page specifically for Misery Tourism feedback.

On the Aesthetics of Misery

Misery is the essence of Russia

Misery tourism options: immersion or detached observation

Western governments: send us your malcontents for rehabilitation

Cumbersome invitation and visa process

Suicidal airport transfer

Lousy overpriced   accommodation options

Misanthropic opportunities

Philanthropic opportunities

Heart-piercing photos of Russian misery

Our sophistic guarantee





You have your photos against the background of every conceivable  landmark. The pyramids make you yawn. You've been to luxury resorts. You've tried eco-tourism. You've gone to working trips abroad. You've done sex in Thailand and drugs in Amsterdam. You've taught English and teeth brushing techniques to flee-ridden children in Zimbabwe. You've stayed in Hymalayan buddhist monasteries and hand-fed penguins in the Antarctic. You've seen it all. People and places, cultures and countries no longer amuse you.

Realization that in six thousand years of civilization humanity hasn't generated enough entertainment for just this one lousy lifetime of yours makes you dangerously bored.  

For the sophisticated misanthrope you've become we are pround to present the new revolutionary contept of

Misery Tourism©

We do not aim for popular appeal. We are not a certain magic kingdom, nor will we provide live answering service, gourmet meals or beautiful vistas." Our offer is not for everyone. In fact, we expect but a rare guest to recognize the value of our proposal. Most of you should no doublt proceed to explore other, more conventional travel options you will find in abundance in the office of your nearest travel agent.


Scrap book: ideas and assorted materials.

The story of Misery Tourism

Misery programs and services designed to make you regret coming here

Our prejudices and sensitive spots

Attention penniless bums

Visitor feedback

Questions and and rude snappy uninformative answers

Russian misery jokes

Russian misery stories


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An American on his first day of an eye-opening Russian Misery Tour in its Rural Misery modification. If cold, woodstove, an army jeep with no suspension and vicious dogs weren't enough, he spent three whole days of his life in the company of the author of this site, whom he described as "your typical Russian, opinionated, categorical to the point of arrogance, and often incoherent".

And that's your typical Russian
mentioned above

Site sharing similar spirit:
Also note The eXile's "Dreary Planet Guide to Russia" (1998) -

Dear Uncle Pasha,

 I want to tell you how much I genuinely enjoyed reading your Misery Travel page. It's a riot! Please do not water it down with disclaimers.  It is wonderfully dangerous.  You are an extremely creative man who has pierced the heart of pretentious, Western voyeurism and its fear and loathing of Russia. 

The 'States if full to the gills of spoiled, rotten, politically correct brats making far too much money who deserve everything you offer.  Please set up a gulag for them! They will thank you. But you will have to put up with accolades such as "You changed my life!

On another note...

Peter N

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