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Moscow Apartments - decent budget range
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Studio Two small rooms plus a cozy loft suitable for sleeping. $70/night, $420/week.  Old quiet 2-3 story city core neighbourhood, on the canal, oppositionistic to the Kremlin. Creative professionals love it, middle-aged Americans don't, polite Europeans remain silent except academic type Germans who explore the long corridors of the building with their cameras. Equipped with an Internet-wired computer, a bicycle and just about everything else except a TV. Three can sleep and there comfortably. Inquiries from backpackers who just need a place to crash and will settle for the loft at $25/night are welcomed. For more information proceed to the Ovchinnikovskaya Quay Studio

OUTDATED "The Black Leather Flat"  $50-60 per night, $800 per month. Moscow center north, Chayanova St. off Tverskaya (the main drag), near Mariott and Sherraton. For more information to go Chayanova Studio

"Your typical residential Moscow"  ONE OF THE LEAST EXPENSIVE ON OUR LIST!!

OUTDATED An elegant and well-equipped unit right on Tverskaya. $85 per night, $1500 per month. Proceed to Tverskaya Studio. A couple more bachelors in the same building are also available, luxury class, $85-100 range!!

OUTDATED  An inexpensive option for a family. North of center. See Oruzheyny Pereulok Studio 

OUTDATED  Ul. 1905, close to the Moscow World Trade Center 10-1, fresh, modern, $60. Call (+7-095) 147-0021

AVAILABLE, SLOW RESPONSE TIME North-west end, near a recreation zone. Description from the owner:

... one room, Metro Polezhayevskaya, 3 stops from Metro Tverskaya, then 15 min. by trolley bus or shuttle bus. Seventh floor of a 9-story building, with elevator, secure entrance. Near landscape part Serebrany Bor (Silver Forest), lakes, islands. Ten minute walk to the park. Quiet and safe. The apartment will suit two persons. Comfortable environment, books, paintings. Good kitchen and bathroom.

$40/day, $30/day for a week or over.

No photos yet.

Ludmila Semenova

OUTDATED "The Pink Place" $45-50/night. North of the Red Square, close to the American Embassy. See Malaya Gruzinskaya Street Studio


Another studio apartment from Marina, also Kantemirovskaya area  FAST RESPONSE, RECOMMENDED


Near M. Sokol, easy access to both the city center and the Sheremetyevo airport. Details

OUTDATED "The green cozy one"  $60-65 per night, $1150 per month. Moscow center north, Chayanova st., off Tverskaya, near Mariott and Sherraton. For more information go to Chayanova One Bedroom

OUTDATED Malaya Gruzinskaya 25, freshly renovated, $65-70. Call (+7-095) 147-0021 or write to

OUTDATED Off Tverskaya, $65-70 per night, $1400 per month. Central north. For more information go to 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya One Bedroom

"The Bastile"  Chertanovo district. 10-15 min. walk to the subway station, 5 stops from the city center. $50/night, water mattress, concierge...  Svetlana,

OUTDATED Krasina St., near US Embassy. $65-70 per night, $1000 per month. Proceed to Krasina One Bedroom

OUTDATED "With a vew" Beautiful view to the Catholic chappel. North of the city center, near the US Embassy. See Malaya Grusinskaya One Bedroom  WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?

OUTDATED Brusov pereulok. Freshly renovated. 500 meters from the Red Square. $90. Call (+7-095) 147-0021 or write to   An apartment that just oozes with that old style Moscow dignity..

OUTDATED "Calendar art" $70/night, close to the US embassy and the zoo. See moscow_accommodation/oxana/calendar_ar t.htm

==> Direct from owner, close to US Embassy

2-room freshly renovated apartment for rent on Malaya Grusinskaya str. near Belorusskaya metro station, close to the US Embassy, near the Catholic Chapel. Conveniently located in the center of Moscow within 3 minutes by car from Red Square. The apartment is on the 2-nd floor of 12-storey building. Total area 42 sq.m. There are in the apartment living-room 14 sq.m., bedroom 10 sq.m., kitchen 7 sq.m. with balkony, hall 7 sq.m toilet and bathroom. Newly renovated: light color wallpaper, carpet floor, satellite TV, telephone line. Fully furnished and equipped. The price is $60-65/day, around 800 euro per month..

Contact info 8-095-246-30-89. Victoria

Just received, direct from landlord

Pavel -

My apartment, near Metro Polezhayevskaya, is free April 25 to May 17. Is it possible to find a client?

Ludmila Semyonovna

Best regards,
 Ludmila                        8-916-2108293


Automobile factory area


"Sukharevka Sq." $350/week, minimum 5 days. Sukharevka, 5 min. to subway.  Sukarevka Two Bedroom

OUTDATED $85 per night, $1600 per month. Krasina St., central north, Moscow.For those who value space and comfort. For more information go to Krasina Two Bedroom

OUTDATED Malaya Gruzinskaya 25, two bedroom, freshly renovated, $90. Call (+7-095) 147-0021.

DO NOT RESPOND This one was recommended as a good information resource on apartments starting at $300. My own attempt to elicit a response from them failed.

Vera's apartments. Non-descript budget apartments in the in the Dinamo area, mostly one bedroom. Around $30-40/night plus $50 contribution to us for our efforts. An example is HERE  Good location, functional apartments, worth the price...

Russia-at-ease, Anton, tel. (095)715-4483, mob. 8-903-1835437,, More numbers:  (095) 354-8909, (095) 505-5862, (257) 42248   [June 2003 - e-mails bounce, box full]

New 4 bedroom, Mayakovskaya, from Marina  Also individual rooms can be rented at $25-30/person/night.

Miscellaneous, Moscow

....I have found an apartment for $850 for the month I'll be in Moscow.  Thank you for your consideration.  The apartment is shown here:   [sounds like one of Vera's apartments, Belorusskaya area] - Two bachelor apartments in Moscow, $40-60 range, with their availability indicated on the site.    Marina Nemaltseva  [Responds fast, helpful attitude, tested several times - pv]


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Several inquiries about Kazan and yet no offers. Anybody there?



Offers of lodging outside of Moscow have been moved to a separate list


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I will be happy to inspect and, subject to my finding it to represent value, promote your offer. I will be even happier to receive 10% for my efforts. I will not tolerate, however, the practice of ADDING my humble commission to the cost of your units. To my horror I learned recently that some of you do just that. Russian landlords - be aware that it is NOT a common practice to charge extra if you came eg. from my site. Quite to the contrary. Clear enough?  - pv



Offers periodically seen in The Moscow Times under Accommodation:


Travellers Guest House, 971-4059


Need visa support? I periodically monitor the situation on the market and may be able to give advice. Here are, however, some of the operators on the visa support market:, tel. 243-6999


Andrew's Consulting,, 916-9888


Visa House,, 721-1021


978-7805, 250-8024. Claim to handle problem cases., 745-0777


783-8020, 500-7705, 500-7702, 772-4224


Telex-Mid, 507-1017




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