"Un-touristy" museums

In his conceit and arrogance Uncle Pasha thinks himself capable of promoting cute little museums and other cultural establishments unknown not only to the traveling public, but even to most Muscovites.

Not that the big and well-known ones are bad. Quite to the contrary. Placed like the Pushkin Fine Fine Arts Museum, or the Tretyakov Gallery are, however, well positioned in the information space, thoroughly documented, and are hard to miss. Does anybody out there see that a place seen and photographed by millions loses its essence and texture?

Also - and I don't know if this will be understood - when I visit a place, it needs to be of the scale comparable to my own humble person. There needs to be at least a potential for my doing something for the establishment. I'm of no interest to the big ones, and neither are the vast majority of you, my guests, taken individually. When I take someone to a small and and rarely visited museum, a vestige of the Soviet era, kept by an retired colonel well into his 70s or a widow of a deservingly famous writer........... [continue the train of thought that for a place to be worth visiting there needs to be potential for productive interaction, or else our travel is an expensive version of TV watching.]

If a museum has a site, just follow the link.  If it does not, a one page description will be posted here.

In Moscow

Valenki (felt boots) museum

House on the Embankment

The Forestry Museum

Power generation museum

Ostrovsky museum

Horse breeding museum

Water works

Soviet propaganda posters:

Old Russian Home Museum:

Outside of Moscow

Military aviation museum

Between Moscow and St. Peters

Staritsa Regional History Museum

Template to be filled out by museums


telephone no.


Photo or drawing of the museum building

Line drawing how to get there

The Soggy Snow Museum is dedicated to the glorification of the mix of dirt, snow and slush that cover the streets of Moscow for nearly half of the year..

It is located in ...

Among the exhibits you will finds .....

Our helpful and knowledgeable stuff will be glad to consult you on subjects related to ......

Scientific work carried out in the museum includes.....

In the words of museum director Comrade Ivanina Ivanova.....

In addition to permanent display, the Soggy Snow museum periodically houses exhibitions of ....

Admission is ..., contribution.....




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