The Orphanage of the City of Staritsa, Tver region, Russia  
171360 Russia, Tver oblast, Staritsky rayon, Novo-Yamskaya 64
Telephone and fax: (+7-48263) 21-308

The original interview that got it all started

The list of their needs for those who with to help/participate

The Vozdvizheniye ("Exaltation") fund to help single mothers, now headed by the former shelter directror

Profiles of individual children who could benefit from individual attention/training/education

Internet resources on the subject



How it got started

In 2001 I was asked by a young French-Canadian to identify an orphanage yet untouched by western charity. As is customary in their tradition he caused much commotion and then disappeared but I anyway posted the interview with the shelter director Paulina Fedorovna Yegorkina [Now retired but take a look at the Vozdvizheniye ("Exaltation") project to supply single mothers in Staritsa with clothing], and it got the ball rolling. Since that I've been regularly receiving donations to the shelter, delivering them, and watching that they are properly used.  I don't mind that and in fact am happy to be instrumental to western donors making direct contact with those in need. I personally deliver donations, monitor that money (if these are financial contributions) is spent as intended, and report back to the donor..

Profiles of individual children

As of summer 2004 the physical needs of the children are well met thanks to increased government funding, corporate sponsors, and private contributions.

Now it is time to think of helping children to get ready for adult life in a serious way.

In my view the best long-term help they can receive is life skills and vocational training. These are profiles of children that seem to be capable of more than working as milk maids and ditch diggers for $70/month and dying of liver damage induced by bad vodka.




Contributors to the orphanage:

Russian UAZ Connoisseurs Club (based in Moscow, Russia)

Al Villa (Arizona, USA).

Reach for the Stars (USA)

Dr. Andrew (USA)

Manly Baker (Rhode Island, USA)

Uncle Pasha &Co.

Roza Valisyevna Fedoseyeva, the former owner of my house in the Village of Dubrovki, now retired in Podolsk, Moscow region

Michael Troughton and Michael Macaulay (Great Britain)

Leah Miller and Melody Branham (Charleston, South Carolina)

John Moore (San Antonio, Texas)

Eric & Marline Houston (Hong Kong), $100 towards the installation of woodworking machinery.

Katie Fischer and Paul Ratner (Australia and Hollywood, USA). A sizeable contribution to the eye operation for Paulina, orphanage director till the end of 2003.

Hank Elosge, $100 contribution to the eye operation for Paulina.

Their requirements

See the original interview that got it started, and the later remarks. The list of "regular" requirements hasn't changed much last time I spoke to her, which was a few days ago (July 2003).

Are you real rich? Before she retired Paulina wants to build a separate attachment for the girls. Estimated cost of the project is $10 thousand. Contact her for more details (in Russian) or me (in English).

On my part, I will comply with all reasonable requests to relay charitable help to them and to control how funds are spent. Any effort to give children life skills and  professional training, or even educate them will have my active and enthusiastic support rather than mere willingness to deliver boxes or monitor expenditures.


November 15, 2008
The page is somewhat outdated. Watch for new materials at The project is still active along the same lines except now, unlike in 2001, children are well fed and appropriately dressed. What they need most is personal attention and life skills training. Participation is welcomed. Contact me at if you have any thoughts.  - Pasha






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