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Accommodation other than Moscow, st. petersburg, and along the trans-siberian

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Misc. rural locations, Samara, the Urals (Udmurtia and Yekaterinburg), Ukraine (Kiev, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk), Far East (Maagadan / Kolyma), Armenia, Ryazan, Vilnius, Riga, Astrakhan, Central Asia (Kazakhstan etc.)


Guaranteed Care Group. Russia, 390029 Ryazan, ul. Stroiteley 7-9. Pretty much the same set of services as mine, but much cheapter according to their site E-mail: PS. Sent them a test e-mail. No response after 7 days! PPS. Tried again in a couple of months, same result or lack threreof.. Don't despair, Ryazan is within our reach if you need anything there..


Affordable budget accommodation with an English-speaking family in a
lovely, quiet, prestigious,residential area, near  Volga river, not
far from the centre Beautiful house with single
or double room for the quests. Safe neighbourhood. Excellent service and good cuisine.
English speaking guide, sauna, car with driver, secure car parking at a sensible rate. , tel. +7 8462 605064, Mikhail  "

Astrakhan Seem to be pretty good at a glance, and certainly worthy of notice given that nothing else is available in Astrakhan. E-mail:



Svezhy Veter Travel -,  The site with lots of valuable information, including scam stories. The company seems to be oriented towards cultural exchange: volunteer teaching, family stays, and otherwise mixing with locals...   Good feedback. They are slow answering e-mails but eventually you'll hear from them, so don't worry. Several of my guests were on their way to Izhevsk and back, all happy.


" The International Business Center (IBC) is the COMPANY with the impeccable reputation for helping visitors to Yekaterinburg make the most of their time here. BUSINESS PERSON or TRAVELLER, STUDENT or SCIENTIST, RESEARCHER or MISSIONARY, whatever your reason for coming to Yekaterinburg, we will meet you as VIP!   Please, visit our Internet site at for more details on services provided by the IBC. "  (



Far East

Magadan (Kolyma). Write me for contact details.



Alternative to hotels - private apartments. Ukraine, Kiev. 10/87 Tsvetaevoyi vul., 17, tel./fax 530-1310 or 530-8150, tel. 530-8181, mob. 8-067-209-3264. E-mail:, URL:   MORE INFO [Jan. 6, 2003 - e-mails bounce]

Welcome to Kiev. Oksana and Slava, or Apartments start at about $25US/day. Most are in the $50-60 range. Homestays start about $15/day.

Save Travel. Nickolay,  Prices same as above. (This and the above have been recommended to me by their client - pv.)

Apartment Rentals Kyiv -,
A variety of decent centrally-located apartments in Kiev, Ukraine for daily rent. Description, photos, reasonable rates. Great alternative to hotel accommodation. Tel. (380-44) 492-3246

> You mentioned that you wanted info on accomodation providers in Ukraine.  I
> went on a short trip to Kiev in the middle of October 2002.  I used SoloEast
> Travel:
> The guy who owns has some similarities with you - some background in Canada,
> running the business with his wife, and having a new baby.  I found the
> company very fast, reliable, and helpful - the trip was made on only a few
> days notice.  What I rented was a one bedroom appartment a couple blocks
> from the center area of Kiev.  It cost $65 / night.  Probably could have
> gotten cheaper, but this place was close and very, very nice.

CIS network of apartments for travelers: has something in Kiev

Please include my page on the list of apartments in Kiev.
"American managed short-time rentals in Kiev"
Thks in advance,

Central asia

TRAVELS IN CENTRAL ASIA (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan)
Adventure tours (trekking, rafting, biking, mountaineering, climbing, hunting, fishing), city tours,  special tours  and archeological tours
720060, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, 193, Abdymomunova Str, office 19

Tel/fax: (996)312  66 01 06             tel: (996)  312 66 11 60


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Vilnius, Lithuania. Contact Ilona Rukiene, Stayed there myself and loved it. They respond fast too. 

RIGA. "Without being falsely modest - we run the best B&B operation in the Baltic States and are expanding whilst keeping the personal touch. RigaInYourPocket pretty mcuh agree with our own assessment. We do the niche intelligent person segment. Sometimes we can not get rid of the customers and they stay for months.." Write Diga or Rick to

More will be added here soon. For now just write to me - I have good info somewhere in my paper files. Check back soon if you are interested in this direction.  

NB. Our "dacha" is close to the Moscow-to-Riga highway and thus makes a natural stopover point for someone travelling from the Baltics to Moscow. We particularly invide eco-tourism input from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.. Also Novgorod, Pskov, Torshok, Staraya Russa...  One of the main pages intended to entice tourist traffic there: