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Rural Russia Colleagues and Partners List

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Moscow Apartments and Homestays 
Moscow Accommodation Master List

These words by on of our partners
probably apply to all whom
you'll find listed here:

Our tours are neither regimented 5-star packages nor unplanned forays into the unknown: they are authentic experiences of foreign places and cultures, where quality and interest come first. Quality should not be confused with luxury: We believe that the best way to discover the essence of a country is to use accommodation with character and transport appropriate to the terrain, whether that is a 4x4 jeep, a bike or a horse.

Olga Rubtsova

Here I'll be listing individuals and organizations who share our vision. We collaborate with many of them on Russian travel projects.

While offering guidance and support, which are pretty much a sine qua non for travellers to Russia, they will not attempt to keep you in a sterile environment. They espouse the get-your-feet-wet hands-on approach. Independence, cultural immersion, rural travel, and contact between people are encouraged.  They are all small enough to know each client individually and to respond to your specific needs and interests. Yet, they are capable of looking after most of your needs, and have many years of experience behind them. At least I try to make sure that is the case before listing them here.

When writing to these people please send a cc. to, so that we know what comes out of our efforts to create a unified information resource on independent travel through small-town and rural Russia.

Your feedback is of course ESSENTIAL....

Without further adue here is the list:


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Please excuse and understand my habit of sticking adverts of my services into the "public interest" pages. The above is a special hand-drawing that attempts to convince you to give $40 to me rather than $50 to the airport mafia or else spend half a day tryin go get to your hotel by public transit. Several accommodation options can also be arranged though us - please proceed to  


General and unusual inquiries: Paul Voytinsky,,

Moscow accommodation: Olesya Pomazan,

    Name and contact details

Specialization and particular strength

1 Andrei Shandabylov
Horseback rides and travel. Rafting (eg. from Staritsa to Tver down the Volga). Caving. Small-town, peasant and collective farm Russia. Actually, Andrei's operation is a part of Uncle Pasha's group..
2 Jack Sheremetoff
Siberia and Lake Baikal. For years I've been sending him clients, all of whom returned alive, well, and happy.
Backpacker travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg by bus. Make sure you insist that they make Uncle Pasha's cabin in the Staritsa district  one of the points of their journey.
4 The Ecotourism Development Fund
"Dersu Uzala"
phone: +7 095 2308471;
phone/fax: +7 095 9592537,
"Our mission is to spearhead the effective development of sustainable tourism in Russia. We strive to accomplish this with a comprehensive strategy that encompasses running professional ecotours, which support a range of non-profit activities.We develop and implement strategic ecotourism programs for local governments and Nature Reserves in different regions of Russia..."
(095) 354-8909, (095) 505-5862, (257) 42248
"The 'Russia - At - Ease' project is a new kind of concept dedicated to helping the visitor to make the most by arranging visits to places of interest in the country (main cities like Moscow and St.-Petersburg, smaller towns or countryside.) Our aim is to enable the visitor to enjoy Russia's well known spirit of hospitality and soak in the beauty of the country."
6 A huge umbrella resource, a must to use for any serious independent traveller. Has a strong section on Russia.


A list of eco-villages and other alternative settlements, including vegetarian communes. Most of these settlements welcome visitors and operate in pretty much the same fashion as we do in the village of Dubrovki (
8 A travel organization catering to independent budget tourists with an interest in "real" Russia. Based in St. Petersburg.
9 The Grishino Community
This vegetarian and seemingly New Age community Northeast of St. Petersburg welcomes guests. They respond inquiries and speak English!

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Please write if you think you should be on the list above. I'll gladly visit your site, list you here or insert a link elsewhere, and and try to think of how we can collaborate to make Russia a friendly, exciting, safe, and inexpensive, and even a fun travel destination.

Paul Voytinsky,

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