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"Price list"
to give you an idea how our bill to you may look like

Hourly rate for "consulting" and miscellaneous support.
(please note that we are neither landlords, nor travel agents, nor anything other than information purveyors and errand boys - see the Disclaimers section)

$20-30 per hour for Pasha. This site should give an idea of his level of expertise on anything related to Moscow, Russia, and life in general. Also, business clients may inspect his resume in the Business Services section. No extra charge for out-of-town assignments regardless of destination. No overtime or weekend charge. No extra charge for the use of the vehicle.

$10 per hour for Olesya. Scheduling and tickets is her particular area of expertise. Another advantage over Pasha, besides the rate, is her consistently good attitude.  She can be contacted directly at olesya1111[at]yandex[dot]ru 

$10 per hour for Catherine. A great assistant with household tasks. Reliable and thorought, and a great travel escort. An astonishing tolerance to trains, busses and other things that move on wheels or otherwise.

$50/day plus travel expenses, food and basic lodging for a knowledgeable travel companion (Olesya or Catherine).


$10-35/person or couple per night backpacker standard accommodation, i.e. a place to sleep, washing facilities, internet access, use of the kitchen and other basics. Example: The Dutch Loft of a room in our other apartment.   NEW: RENOVATED BOMB SHELTER WWW.CHEAP-MOSCOW.COM/BASEMENT.HTM

$65/night for our whole apartment.

$25-50 for assistance with accommodation search from among options known to me. I'll do a round of calls on your behalf and issue advice which of the available options match your requirements best. Recommended for impromptu trips, especially in combination with airport pickup, in which case I may not even charge you for these calls.

Horse riding and other pastoral joys  

$25 per person per day includes basic food and shelter, and unlimited use of the animal within its physiological capacity, which for a well-fed and trained horse is 3-6 hours of light-to-medium work per day. Pasha-style riding un-lessons are from free to $10/hour depending on how close our "dacha" operation is to recovering expenses any given month. See


Russia Information Desk services

dog rental

bike rental

free guides from among our English students may be available

free participation in working holidays (see

Methos of payment


A cheque to London, Ontario (Canada)

Cash in Moscow

If making a deposit is not easy, in some cases a promissory note signed in your blood may be accepted before we commence any serious work. Over the years I've developed my little list of prejudices, and will only honour promissory notes from Americans. Others will be considered on case-by-case bases but the French and the Brits are definitely out.

"Beznal" (if you don't know what it is you don't need to, and consider yourself lucky)

Soon we may be able to accept Visa and MasterCard. This will require us to do a lot of paperwork or else pay huge taxes, so I am kind of wondering how important this is for our clients. Comments welcomed.

Full contact details 

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