New service

I thought it is fundamentally unfair for you to stay in the center of one of the world's most expensive cities for $10-25/night without suffering from rodent infestation. I went out of my way to procure this cutie by the name of Lunch, and invented this great new rat removal service:

  • $2.98 keeps the rodent out of your visual range

  • Or you can pay per distance of separation at the rate of 59 cents/yard.

  • Or, if you like him, Lunch is available for rent at the rate of $2.98 per ?????

The service is available for

Lunch-the-Rat was presented to me by the Children's Shelter of the City of Staritsa.
OK, I admit, I wheedled it out of them as my reward for attracting a bunch of donations their way.

PS. My first attempt to inflict this service onto a Dutch couple staying in my famous Dutch Loft resulted them in picking their bags, throwing $2 at me, and walking away. I retaliated by renaming the Dutch Loft into the "Lothar Matthaus" loft on the understanding what this is the most hated personage in the whole of the Kingdom of Netherlands.... Not a single Dutch in three months after the incident, and quite a story with my Spanish guests. North Americans seem to take the rat rental service well however. The Brits that passed though my anti-British filter positively enjoyed his company (or credibly pretended to like him)....