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Looking for us on th map? Find Tver and Rzhev. We are about the middle between Tver and Rzhev.

The true Russia
awaits you in the village
of Dubrovki on the volga River, between Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Horseback rides and travel
in the Upper Volga region

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Documents about our rural development project are gradually moving and self-organizing at

kovka_sm.jpg (4287 bytes)Cross the Volga in a leaky wooden boat, ride Daisy-the-lazy-mare to town, take bath in an ice hole, drink moonshine with collective farm workers... Real Russian homestay with Uncle Pasha, a genuine practicing Russian peasant (photo on the left of him shoeing Maria Ivanovna) residing in a diserted village of Dubrovki, with no electricity, no running water, and 12000bps Internet access.

Among the slogans under consideration to entice you here are "See Russia the way the Russians live it", "Genuine Russian misery guaranteed", and the best one so far "Misery Tourism - Come Look At, Laugh At And Feel For Those Not Quite So Fortunate As Yourself".

Suggested donation is $25/night. Facilities include a king-sized outhouse and an open fireplace. Caving, horse-back or buggy rides, rafting and all-you-can-take drinking will have to pass as entertainment.

A great place to visit on your way from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Click travel/moscow_to_stp.htm to read about the proposed individual tour from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

crossing river
Getting here is not easy.

Summer 1999. Renault Encore performed beautifully in these extreme conditions..

Click on pictures to view bigger versions

babushka roza's izbaBabushka Roza's Izba, presently my home. An ideal place for Western malcontents to put things in perspective, to acquire a measure of enlightenment, and to make a  $25US/night input into the the local economy. Conveniences include four walls, a roof and a fireplace.

village of Dubrovki view
A view of the village from the other side of the Kholokholenka river.


Sasha obnoxiously drunk
(Name withheld) giving a revolutionary speach from atop a woodstove. Soon he fell asleep, and my little part of the world was was thus saved.  Glad to report I now have helpers with better attitude and less of a craving for vodka.

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Picturesque rolling hills, open vistas and roads nature intended them


I am interested in like-minded neighbours. Please contact me if you find the thought of colonizing Russian countryside appealing, and are morally and materially equipped to undertake such a project. I will be happy to discuss your plans and assist you in making the vicinity of Staritsa your home. A "serious" document describing my intensions is presently being developed - proceed HERE.

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"The Adventure Connoisseur's Choice"

Genuine Russian misery guaranteed! If we fail to make you regret your trip - expect a substantial discount next time. Life here truly sucks. You'll burn yourself cooking on woodstove. You'll walk knee-deep in mud. You'll carry water from the river in buckets up an icy slope and slide down on your bum. Old girl Romashka will act up and throw you  into a jungle of stinging nettle..

Experience Russia as the Russians Live it

All the pains and occasional pleasures of rural Russia for a mere $25/night contribution to the local economy.

a tourist destinationThis picture, courtesy of the Donskov family, depicts the old monastery, which is the main tourist attraction here.


convent_2.jpg (14181 bytes)
The nearby city was build around a monastery and largely still preserves its historic character. Locals, being barbarians, tore down th monastery wall in the '80's

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Post-industrial facilities. Poor local peasants corrupted by the Western concept that a daily bath is one of life's necessities and yet lacking resources to install plumbing and heating are thus forced to perform this ritual in an icehole.

Your refusal to come here as a paying client will prolong their misery. 


Last major update: February 10, 2000
Last looked at February 20, 2002 and found largely valid

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collective farm workers drinking vodka
Collective farm workers celebrating the payday. One on the right is in the process of sliding under the table.

view of the Volga
Almost forgot to post some evidence that the Volga river is there too. Disclaimer: this is the UPPER Volga, thus Gogol's "Not every bird dares to fly across" does not apply.

pod32.jpg (4508 bytes)

The food torture by Babushka Roza. Here is how it works:
You are expected to eat till you fall asleep. And the thing to do upon awakening is, again, to eat. Should you stomach give up, kasha will be offered as a cure. The cycle continues indefinitely... This ritual is an indispensible part of the "Real Russia" programme we have in store for you. Available from May till October, when babushka Roza actually stays in her izba. In the winter she whimps out in favour Podolsk, one of Moscow's satellites...

morda_sm.jpg (5951 bytes)

The famous Romashka

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