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This "no answers given here" sign still remains, regretfully, a part of Russia's informational landscape. We want that changed. We answer, promptly and entirely free of charge, small Russia-related questions of the sort that a knowledgeable person can respond to from the top of his head or by flipping through telephone directories or by making a call or too. Five minutes of our time, and years of experience of living and working in this hmm.. challenging environment are yours for the asking.

Of course we'll be glad to do more that that for a small fee - see the Business Services section, or Olesya's Russian Girl Friday page.

Just take care, when using this great free information service, to phrase your request well because our main expert is growing progressively cranky and inquiries of the sort "send me more information on the Trans-Siberian"  or "What's your best offer on a ticket to Tomsk" make him throw slippers at humanity. We'd love to replace him if he only wasn't so good at what he does, so for the time being we are held hostage to his wisdom and his temper.  Examples awfully formulated questions we receive will be posted soon. 

Please post questions of potentially general interest to

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Direct those of private or urgent nature to my e-mail that you will find in

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