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Recommended dating agencies in Moscow   [outdated]

This is one of Olesy'a old page still on my site. I like this document and will keep it for its information value. All or most of the services listed here are still available. You may want to check her

Or see my clear and concise list of support services for Russian bride seekers

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Olesya Pomazan and Busik-the-dog
(presently we are pissed with each other and thus divorced, and Olesya is available up for grabs as long as she is allowed to keep her job as my secretary)
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A note from Olesya on taking over the Russian Brides project

This is my department and I do not necessarily agree with all you can see in Pasha's old page. Not all international marriages end up in divorce, and there are valid reasons against jumping off cliffs immediately and en masse.  As the head of Russian Brides department I am hereby reducing Uncle Pasha to the role of translator, driver, and errand boy as far as this sub-project is concerned. Whatever sarcasm he may sneak in as a translator, taking advantage of my limited sense of "live" English, it did not originate and was not approved by me.


Russian brides
Comprehensive local support and assistance in Moscow


and much more

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For many of you this will be your first trip to Russia. I understand anxieties about visiting this region of the world, and will endeavor to answer your questions fully, comprehensively, and responsibly. Feel free to raise health or safety concerns, or discuss travel logistics, or address the issue of cross-linguistic and cross-cultural communication with your Russian lady friends. 

Traveller assistance

Need to be met at the airport? Pasha-the-boss, who has been reduced, for his bad attitude and sarcasm, to the position of a driver as far as this project is concerned, will be sent off to the airport to meet you.

Advice on selecting a hotel? I will try suggesting something that will suit both your budget and your travel style. Accommodation in Moscow runs from $15-22 for a bed in a backpacker hostel to $200 in a stylish hotel, but expect to pay $80-150/night for something appropriate in view of your visit's nature.

Prefer private accommodation? I watch out for centrally located apartments that offer a good balance between quality and economy, and will recommend something. Most private apartments of suitable quality are in the $60-90/night range, and offer the advantage of home atmosphere. Also, unlike in hotels that discourage guests, visitors are allowed, and no guard is going to show at your door demanding them out by 11pm (a common practice here).

Unsure where to shop, eat, exchange money, etc. etc.? Overwhelmed by the subway system? My orientation tour will take care of these and many other questions.  We'll spend 3-5 hours going over the essentials, including key Russian phrases, which will allow you to be self sufficient in this puzzling and chaotic city.

Count on me for all-around support to make your trip safe, smooth, and effective.

Planning and scheduling

If you need to squeeze a lot of meetings into a short stretch of time, I can set up your appointments and streamline your schedule. Drivers, tickets, restaurant reservations will all be waiting. I do not necessarily recommend rigid planning but if you prefer it that way I will have everything arranged and reserved well in advance. It is better, both from the organization and financial point of view, to have someone on the standby to sort out little issues and misunderstandings while you are in Russian...

Relationship facilitation

It is nice when the travel logistics go smoothly, but what determines the success of your trip is whether you meet the right person, and that you are able to communicate with her, not just on technical, but on personal and emotional level.

While, ultimately, no one can do this for the two of you, a helping hand may get things started on the right note.

I can take some awkwardness out of the situation by introducing you to your e-mail friend. I can suggest topics of conversation and equip you with phrases, or recommend activities that will ease you into productive and pleasant communication.

An interview with your lady friend well before your trip may help you to form a realistic picture of her, thus helping the relationship to get established, provided it was meant to.

Of technical things, I can do translations, mail forwarding, or gift delivery "with a personal touch". 

Actually, translations are done by Pasha, and he is no procrastinator.  While his style of translation is "true to the letter", he will insert editorial comments to make sure you really understand each other's meaning, not just words.

I can also recommend a good interpreter or act as one, arrange for a few English lessons for your Russian fiancée, and teach you some basic Russian.

Understanding the culture

Finding yourself in a new culture may be a disorienting experience. Let's soften the culture shock by reviewing common behaviour patterns accepted in Russia and going through a quick list of dos and don'ts.

I encourage western men who search for a Russian wife to spare no time and effort to really understand the environment your future lifetime mate comes from.

Let's discuss potential obstacles and common misunderstandings. Not the most pleasant of topics, but discussing problems is better than dealing with consequences.

Put my training in sociology to good use!

Flower and gift delivery

Presently I am researching into delivering flowers and gifts. So far the price of flowers appears to be on the high end ($40-50 for a decent bouquet, plus delivery, so the total price is approaching $100) but I am hoping to find a cheaper source.

I can turn delivering a few flowers or a gift into something more interesting. It can be used as a method to establish contact with your e-mail girlfriend and conduct an interview that may give a glimpse into her motivation. Usually I'm pretty good getting people to open up, and with some luck a simple flower delivery can yield you a lot of information about your friend.
Promise to deliver flowers anywhere in Russia: $30-something for 3 roses.

Paperwork assistance

From translations of official documents to orchestrating the marriage process for those who wish to register their marriage in Russia.

==>> International marriage registration <<==

I can even organize a simple but decent wedding.

If things don't work out

In some cases expectations are disappointed when you meet your e-mail friend in person. Should that happen, I may have some suggestions on viable alternatives to make sure that your trip to Russia still brings positive results.

I have a considerable amount of experience writing effective personal ads or developing profiles for Russian dating sites. In fact, I recommend this approach over using the services of marriage agencies that specialize in Western men and Russian women that expose you to "rich foreigner hunter" type of woman.

Want to discuss your search strategy? Please write, call, or talk to me in person.

Scam and manipulator control

Outright attempts on your wallet are easy to recognize. Requests for visa and ticket money, sick mother stories and such are the trademark of crude straight-forward scam. These situation are usually self-evident.

Women who specialize in extracting money from western men by doing something that seem to lack an English word ("raskrutka" in Russia, literaly "roll out") present a harder challenge...


Interpreting photos and letters

To realize how far from reality are the pictures you see you would need to read instructions in the Russian side of a typical dating site.

The same applies to writing letters. You only need to see how and to what extent Russian women are coached how to write to meet the expectation.

As a result, both appearance and personality are nearly inaccessible to someone attempting to establish a long-distance relationship.

To some extend I can "deconstruct" textual and visual information to help you get to the essential person.


Examples of rates

Ask for quotes!

Alternatively, you can specify your budget and objectives, and I'll see how we can squeeze the most out of a given amount.

Remember that my involvement will often save you a considerable amount of money, often more than the cost of my services.

I am definitely the best when it comes to budget accommodation in Moscow and to procuring tickets at local prices, based on several years of experience taking care of backpackers as an associate of Uncle Pasha's Consultants & Facilitators. Tell me about your travel plans and budget constraints, and I will propose how to stretch your dollar the most.

About me

Biographical note

Born in Tomsk, Siberia.

Graduated from the Tomsk University in 1996 as a sociologist, with specialization in self-organization processes in society, and then continued in the Moscow Institute of Sociology.

Those interested in my work in sociology please see [list of publications].

Joined Uncle Pasha's Consultants and Facilitators in 1999 where, in addition to overall office management and accounting, I'm specifically responsible for the "Russian Brides" project.

Full contact details


Preferred form of contact is e-mail that is monitored continuously.

In matters that cannot wait please do call. Remember the time difference: Moscow is GST+3, or EST+9. That is, your 8am is our 5pm, and your 11pm is our 8am next morning.



Olesya and Pasha -

Thank you for taking care of the trip's logistics, but I am truly grateful for the ongoing "communication and cultural sensitivity consulting", for lack of a better term... As you know, I've taken your advice about staying in Russia. Without it many of Luda's behavior patterns would have remained a puzzle. The paperwork is nearing its end and we are looking forward to the challenge of returning to the States....And yes, I will be happy to talk to my compatriots who are thinking of requesting your assistance, and feel free to post the above, without my name and e-mail of course..



...E-mail exchange with Russian ladies was a breeze. The speed with which you processed our correspondence defied the image of Russia. And thank you for helping me to put things in perspective. It now looks like I'm coming in June if I can get a week off work.




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Background checks:
For $100 or so they will check if your Russian bride has a criminal record. Positive feedback. I think out "Gift delivery and interview" for $150 gives more live sense of the person but if you are interested in verifiable facts, they are a good choice.


Know a good resource on the subject of Russian women and western men? Tell me. Contributions of materials, from stories to scholarly theorizing, welcomed.

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