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Available single Russian women  from among my acquaintances

Tania, 22-23. A big girl with huge eyes. Deep quiet voice. Recently moved to Moscow from Samara. OK German but very limited English that she is now making an honest effort to learn. Gentle manner and style. I'd personally consider her if wasn't so old and tired of life. Single status last confirmed February 3, 2010.

Natasha. 30-something. The daughter of Valentina. Said to have passable English and be a Languages Institute graduate. Now in Moscow; roots in Donetsk, Ukraine. Speaks very little. Or perhaps it is just the Uncle Pasha effect but in two year I heard her utter no more than a dozen words. According to her mother Natasha is quite motivated to marry herself away into a warmer climate.

This is Sophie, Alla's daughter. Although now 14 she has her mind set on marrying someone in the UK when she grows up a bit. The photo made at my dacha on the Volga, Tver region, where you are welcomed to partake in horse riding and otherwise immerse yourself into the village atmosphere. Over 80% of visitors to my humble establishment are women. More >>

Alla, ~35, a lawyer. Tall (at least 5'9") and skinny. I'd say to the point of being malnourished. Hyperactive and over-talkative. Into singing, cycling, camping, canoeing and such. Comes equipped with a daughter, 14, who is dreaming of moving to the UK, and a Guinea pig. Availability status confirmed Feb. 3, 2010.

When slightly drunk Alla turns adventurous. Loses any fear of heights and climbs things. Note a nice butt. Although not shown here, she has a pair of enviable tits that somehow grew on a body that skinny. Recommended.


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