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Russian Misery Tourism
"for the sophisticated misanthrope in you"


Fashionable as of recent Reality Tourism and its lesser known punk brother Misery Tourism are a product of care-free times, intended for happy people who - damn be the unfanthomed recesses of human mind  - need a certain twist without which their satisfaction remains dull and somehow incomplete.

The concept has been brewing in my head since the early 90's, when the world appeared to be improving. I first started explicitly formulating it 2-3 years ago when things still seemed to be going well. Several webpages on Misery Tourism have been written and uploaded some months ago...

...And my efforts to offer a travel product that caters to the paradoxes of the pleasure principle has suddenly become out of place on September 11.

I am not in a playful mood these days either. Interest in immigration to Canada is drastically down. Competition in the English teaching market is fierce, and prices are at or below operating costs. The same applies to translations. The type of traveller I was aiming at - a nice, relaxed pleasure traveller on a budget but not fighting for every dollar - has mostly disappeared after recent events. 

So the Misery Tourism project is being put off till better days. If you wish, you can see the draft version of misery tourism.

I thank all who have helped in developing this concept, and hope that your contributions have not been in vain because times when we need to add spice in the form of artificial and controlled misery to an otherwise happy life may yet come back.

Be well

Paul Voytinsky aka Uncle Pasha

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