Russian brides scam control

Testimonials wanted!
Hey you whom I saves $1000+ each, I need your testimonials here. OK, you don't have to announce your name but I want your statements how you were saved from falling victim of scam by my humble pointing to the obvious..

As of recent I've been getting an increasing number of inquiries from western men with Russian girlfriends trying to milk them for visa, tickets, health care, or cell phone money. While some of these requests may be legitimate, many are just plain scam.

So let's make it official.

If you are wondering if your friend is real and sincere, I can help you by

The cost of this service is quite small compared to the amount for which an average scam victim loses, not to mention the hurt. A typical bill from me would be $100 for the review of your correspondence and an extensive e-mail consultation. The most I have ever billed anyone for this service was $400 but the case required a lot of correspondence (over 60 e-mails), many hours on the phone, and and finding an agent in a distant city to visit the scammer at an address that turned out non-existent. The easiest way to establish, on the probable basis, that the person is real, is by sending her a registered telegram. If it bounces, there obviously is something wrong. Such service is only $50, including the cost of the telegram.

I can also help you publish your personals ad, provide local address for replies, translate and forward letters etc. Scammers specialize in international marriage agencies. Your ad published in local papers is highly unlikely to attract the wrong kind of interest.

Paul (Pasha) Voytinsky


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