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Sheremetyevo-2 to the center of Moscow
by public by bus and metro

Photos of the Sheremetyevo arrivals hall coming up soon.

Not recommended unless you are looking for an adventure or are an experienced traveller or really strapped on cash. Go back to Airport Pickup to spare yourself and whoever is waiting for you a headache.

Please note to SVO-2 refers to Sheremetyevo. Sheremetovo is a common distortion of this name, refers to the same thing. International flights may also come to Domodedovo, 50 miles of dense traffic away, so don't mix up the two.

  1. Exit the arrivals hall. Proceed here for the floor plan of the arrivals hall in Sheremetyevo II. Chances are 95% that you'll arrive to Sheremetyevo II.

  2. Board one of the busses or mini-busses in front of the arrivals hall. You pay direct to the driver in cash. The fare is no more than $1.5. I'll check into the prices and bus numbers and take some pictures next time I happen to be at the airport. You will NOT miss the metro station because of the passengers will be getting off there, and most of them will be going straight to the station, so jus follow the crowd.

  3. The bus will take you to the nearest Metro (subway) station (Rechnoi Vokzal - top of the green line or Planernaya - pink line). If you are renting my apartment or staying with me "backpacker style", the green line will take you directly to Metro Novokuznetskaya.

  4. Take a look at the map of the Moscow Metro System I'm looking for a clean printable version in Russian and English. Know of one - please send me the link.

  5. Also, before trying this trip on your own, try learning the Russian alphabet and a few key phrases.

  6. Buy subway card (50 roubles for 10 rides). Insert it into the gate as other passengers do to get in.

  7. Ride to the required station.

Watch out for your valuables. Pickpockets, that are generally NOT a problem in Moscow, hunt for newcomers during the first few hours these are disoriented. If hassled, walk away. If interfered from doing so, MAKE A LOT OF NOISE, SCREAM "MILITIA!!"

Street crimes is generally not a problem but there are some individuals who seem to attract trouble. I had one guest who had four attempts on his wallet (one successful) on his first day! Others live here for years without a hint of trouble.

Again, the above exercise is not recommended to first time travellers, people with a lot of luggage, and those who come here for business rather than to look for adventure. Go to my airport pickup page.

Paul Voytinsky aka Uncle Pasha,
(095) or 959-3865