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Other St. Petersburg rooms and apartments direct from the owner:

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  Direct from the owner

room for rent, vasilyevsky island by the gulf of finland

Your landlady: WHO IS SHE AND HOW CAN SHE PERSONALLY MAKE OUR GUESTS' STAY IN ST. PETERSBURG INTERESTING, PRODUCTIVE ETC. arissa Mikhailovna. Fluent French but her friend and neighbour Masha, who has two rooms for rent, sounds quite willing to facilitate communications. [A few words on Larissa's background, hobbies, anything else to make her interesting...]

Location: Vasilyevsky Island, Bolshoi Prospect (the main street of the district).

Apartment: 3 rooms, of which one is available for rent (your choice). 1950s Stalin style building.

Food, shopping assistance, all-around advice: available, light breakfast included, you are welcomed to use the kitchen.

Cost: I was asked to recommend the price. My impression is that $20/night or $25/couple is about right for backpackers.  [I need feedback on the number of inquiries and what people think]

Telephone:  Тел. (812) 322-10-29

E-mail: Contact her friend Masha at


Larissa Mikhailovna speaks fluent French.
A view from the window
Another view
One of the rooms
    Another room.
    Another view of the other room
    The building. The kindergarten where I went in Moscow was in the same type of building, and one of my earlier sentiment was envy towards people with the huge balcony on the third floor..
    Another view onto the building