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E-mail is checked frequently, and I always respond. If you don't hear from me within hours chances are your letter got killed by the spam filter. Write from a different address or use alternative method of contact.

My FORUM is for open-air discussions. Please post topics that may be of interest to others.  Opinions on services received from me or my colleagues can also be shared though this forum. Ask for advice, post difficult questions, or exchange views and opinions. Some pretty intelligent, knowledgeable, and shock-proof people have been noticed to visit my little forum.

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Voice connection in Staritsa is often bad or unavailable. If so you can easily send me an SMS from your phone or through the Moscow Cellular website:

SMS messages are delivered near-instantly in most cases. Same with e-mail, I always respond inquiries. If you don't hear from me, assume it is a technical glitch and try again, possibly using another communication channel.

When telephoning do remember the time difference.
Moscow is 8-9 hours ahead of New York
and 3 hours ahead of most European cities.

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