The Real Counter

What really counts is whether you found what you've been looking for.

Your feedback, rather than the number of hits, is what interests me most. In fact, the visibility I've achieved in major search engines is perhaps explained by your patience in recalling and telling me in details how you went about Russian travel information, and my, at first, lack of knowledge, and then lack of desire, by choice, to use any "gaming" or technological tricks to enhance visibility in search engines. .

Have you found what you've been looking for? What specific pages you found most useful? Was navigation easy? What did you find confusing?

Reports of major errors, dead links, or other sources of confusion are appreciated, and corrections will be made right away. Your assistance will help you in earning the preferred client status. Those who make a significant contribution to improving this site may expect discounts or extra services at no charge.

We have no plans to install any fancy feedback forms or run surveys. Instead, I invite you to drop me an old-fashioned e-mail telling me what you think and why.

I thank you for contributing your opinions and observations to this site's development.

Paul V. Voytinsky,

March 15, 2002