Valentina (Tina) is out of the country. I regret I cannot recommend that you use the services of those she left in charge of her Moscow affairs - and I could have phrased it stronger. It is my hope that Tina-the-irreplaceable will be back soon to attend the needs of travellers to Moscow personally, and that I will be able to delete this ugly notice.


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Cheap/budget accommodation in Moscow direct from Tina:
A room, with meals if you wish, if available directly from Tina. YES, SHE HAS EXPERIENCE CATERING TO VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN TRAVELLERS!! $50-60 per person or couple (rate valid as of May 2008). Near Metro Belorusskaya. Also an apartment in Khimki, north end, very easy access to the Sheremetyevo airport, $40-50/night (outdated price, probably around 50Euros now). She may be aware of other options too. Write to her.


WHAT TINA'S GUESTS SAY (from my mailbox)

Let me thank you and Tina for making my stay in Moscow so enjoyable.
Tina was so nice and I was fortunate to stay 3 days at her apartment and enjoy her great Russian cooking.
We went shopping at a little store near her apartment and she helped me pick out some food she could cook for me.
Her apartment was close to the Metro like you said and the second apartment even closer.
Both apartments were clean and well heated and comfortable.
I visited over 15 museums and many historic sights and was very safe at all times.
My compliments to you Paul for running such an efficient and cost saving alternative to expensive hotels.
I could not be more pleased.
Jim Berns
Travel Donations
PS:  More travelers should try the off season as it was so easy to get to see everything.
Please forward this thank you note to Tina.

* Dwhite3606 [at] cs [do t]  com [Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:15:14 EDT]:
> Dear Tina, I have just returned to the U.S. and saw your e-mail. The
> return
> trip to the U.S was not good because I was stuck in Atlanta airport
> two
> days because of bad weather! On the other hand my trip while in Russia
> was great!
> One thing I will not forget is Galina!
[Galina is Tina's friend, a professional guide/translator.]  She was so nice and helpful to
> and
> did so much to help when my luggage did not arrive. She took all the
> stress of
> the situation away and I began my most memorable trip with a new
> it
> seemed as she showed me Khimki and Korgina. Then the next day she
> me to
> the ship at the Northern River Station and I hated to say goodbye to
> her. It was
> a pleasure to meet her and her son and I am sure the rest of her
> is
> just as nice.
> My thanks also to Vladimir who greeted me at the airport with a big
> smile and
> waited so long while I was inside filling out paperwork regarding my
> luggage.
> Tina, thank you for arranging all of that and I am sorry I did not get
> chance to meet you too. I am sorry to say my Russian is not that good,
> but I will
> be working on it. I am also sorry to say I had my camera taken while
> St.
> Petersburg. It was done by professionals (about 4 of them) and I did
> even
> know it. I lost all my photos of the trip, over 500 of them and people
> on the
> cruise are so nice they offer to send their photos to me. I will be
> to
> receive them and when I do I will send you some.
> In the meantime please keep in touch and I already begin thinking
> my
> next visit to Russia. With best regards, David.


Valentina's cooking
Posted on May 17, 2008 at 05:59:10 PM by ken

If you happen to homestay with Valentina ( Pasha's housekeeper ), she is an excellent cook. Both of you should go to a market together, let Tina choose the food, you pay for the food, you both take the food back to her apartment and let her cook you an authentic Russian meal which you and her will enjoy eating. You will like her company and cooking


Received Jan. 9 2009

Hi Paul,
stayed at the flat near Belorusskaya from 20th of December 08 until 4th of January 09.
Some feedback from me.
1) arranging a driver to take up at the airport worked
2) flat is located central for Moscow viewpoints, the Tverskaya walk to Red Place takes 30 minutes
3) room was clean, warm and big enough
4) landlady has drunken some wodka with me, social person if wanted
5) can recommend the flat for other visitors
If you need another kind of feedback let me know.

Beste Grüße,
Best regards,
С наилучшими пожеланиями,
Christian Schneider
Христиан Шнайдер

A way to Russia :
Now with a Russian version




Also check out my GUESTBOOK..




Introducing my all-around assistant in Moscow VELENTINA (TINA) JURINA

Tina's core responsibilities:

  • Housekeeping in general. Yes, she can be "rented out" to look after your home too.
  • Running personal and business errands in Moscow for my clients as part of my project.
  • Arranging for airport transfers. Although you are welcomed to contact drivers directly, things work best when she orchestrates the process. TINA HERSELF IS A DRIVER WITH A LONG ACCIDENT-FREE RECORD, AND WILL SOON BE GETTING A CAR AND ADDING HERSELF TO MY WWW.MOSCOWDRIVERS.NET
  • Looking after visa registrations. Making this process hassle-free for you.
  • Assistance with accommodation. Unlike me, a village dweller, she lives in Moscow full-time and knows the scene. The cost of the service is from complimentary or $25 to make a round of calls to see what's available for the moment to a few hundred for a "real" customized accommodation search. Herself she may be able to offer a room near M. Belorusskaya (a foreigner enclave close to the US Embassy) for $25-40/night, meal(s) included, and a room or an apartment in Khimki (real close to the Sheremetyevo Airport) for $40-50. Write her for details. (May 2008: THE RATE FOR THE ROOM IS 40-50 EUROS PER NIGHT FOR PERSON/COUPLE.)
  • Assistance to Russian bride seekers. Valentina has lots of contacts in Russia and the Ukraine, and no hesitation about approaching people with unusual requests. I will insist, however, that "Russian bride" requests be directed to me. The reason is because clients of this category are sometimes quite "special" and tend to eat up a lot of resource if a gentle and innocent soul like Valentina allows them to.. (Added after a would-be client who kept her busy for a week for $30.) Present delivery (which also serves to verify that your would-be wife is real) is one of the services... More coming up. (Add: Matchmaking is her hobby and her passion. She does more than matching people - she uses her artistic ability to looks at candidates through your eyes; while working on a "project" she is **you**.)
  • Assistance to job seekers. She can generate a list of local companies that are not yet easy to locate through the Internet that may be looking for your skills.
  • Anything else to make your Moscow friendly and inexpensive while I'm working here in Staritsa to promote rural tourism, horse riding, and other wholesome countryside fun.

Please note that her daughter resided in Donetsk, Ukraine, and will be able to act as your agent should you need anything there.

Tina's contact information:


Languages: Native Russian, good German, some Italian, a few words in English.

Feel free to get me to translate your communications with Tina.




October 1 2009
May 16, 2008
Jan. 20, 2008
May 17, 2007
August 4, 2007



Tina with her friend [name???], who is a qualified guide and translator.


I can rent Tina out for $15-20/hour. Some background highlight see her [resume]


Tina's assistance to Russian bride seekers. Here is her message, translated verbatim:

First, I will develop a profile with your information. I know it can be hard
to prepare a good self-description. I'll help you present yourself in the
best possible light while, of course, sticking close to facts.

Next, I'll help you formulate the profile of the desired bride in a way that
will attract the best and most suitable candidates. I know the local
"market" and will monitor that you ask for neither too little nor too much.
And that you do so in a proper gentleman-like manner.

I will ask, usually through my extensive network of friends, about eligible
women that could be right for you, and vice versa.

I will provide you with photos and some information about these women.

If any appear interesting, I will send you a more detailed story, more
photos, possibly a video, my own old wise woman's impression of them

If all goes well I'll assist you with your trip to Moscow and many other
places within Russia and Ukraine. Or you could meet in Turkey, where both
Russians and westerners can travel without visa hassles. I have good
connections in Turkey, and my daughter, a travel agent, specializes in
Turkey and Italy. My assistance in Moscow includes helping you select
suitable accommodation, advising you on how to present yourself, and
generally enhancing your communications with your potential mate.

I will work with you till you succeed. The only condition is that your
expectations are appropriate and your play your part well: answer questions,
respond letters, present yourself in a good way etc.

The flat fee to cover the above is $600.

Actual expenses (travel, extensive long-distance telephone and such) are


2008. A successful match organized by Tina (n the middle). One of very few stories that haven't fallen apart within weeks.

[Ask for names/ dates. Fell apart, as always.]

[Tina's daughter, Natasha, is up for grabs. Still available as of October 2009. Nothing wrong except that "I'm up for grabs but can you pay the right price" air around her. To a lowlife like me she would not even talk. Impress her and she is yours.]


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