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Trans-Siberian Train Trip

It would not be us if we failed to try making a few pennies out of the Trans-Siberian crowd. Especially given that Trans-Siberian trains leaves off the Kazan terminal in Moscow 15 min. drive from us. Note that the Kazan (Kazansky), Leningrad (Leningradsky) and Yaroslavl (Yaroslavsky) railroad terminals are all around one huge square, with Komsomolskaya being the nearest Metro station.

Here is what we can do to/for the Moscow-Irkutsk (Lake Baikal)-Vladivostok-Beijing or Ulan-Bator traveller:

Questions answered

We are always glad to share information we have, and we know a lot about Russian living and Russian travel.  Now we made question answering official. See RUSSIA INFORMATION DESK

Our partner in Irkutsk
(Baikal Lake):
  Tel: +7 (3952) 336 240 (office)
        +7 (3952) 625 526 (mobile)

Prices and schedules for the most popular directions (and directions we actively want to make popular, such as Moscow to Staritsa)

Procurement of train tickets at local prices plus a tiny service fee

Olesya, being from Tomsk, which is on the Trans-Siberian, in our Siberia expert and has numerous connections there.

We also maintain contact with people along the Trans-Siberian route who could render affordable quality assistance to an intependent traveller. Among these I'd like to specifically mention Jack Sheremetoff in Irkutsk on the Baikal lake.

If you are interested in Magadan/Kolyma, we have quality contacts there. Just let us know and we'll introduce travellers to good people in that remote destination.

Inexpensive accommodation in Moscow

Trans-Siberian starts in Moscow. Should you want to spend a few days in Moscow, we'll be happy to avail you our apartment, which is 10 min walk from the Krelmin and 20 min by car from the Kazanski train station, off which most Siberian trains leave the city.

Budget travellers who look merely for a place to crash can stay with us very inexpensively.

We also maintain a list of private accommodation options in Moscow and elsewhere. Homestays, which can be very cheap or even free have been moved to a separate section. We are presently looking for more homestay and budget options in the $25-30 range, but for now be prepared to pay $40-70/night.

Just compiled, still a rough draft: A list of budget hotels ($70 or under per night)

Tickets procured

For a small contribution to our cause Olesya will purchase your Trans-Siberian or any other tickets for you.

Trans-Siberian Train schedule and prices

Buying tickets yourself in Moscow, while entirely possible, it time consuming and confusing. Buying them abroad is expensive and gives you less flexibility.  [insert photo of the tickets hall]

Travel escort for small groups

If available, one of us could travel with your group. If not, we'll try finding a suitable guide and assistant. The cost of my time for this type of work is $100-200 per day, plus expenses. Olesya, Cyril, of one of the two Katias can be delegated to accompany you for $50/day.


Perhaps you think that, by travelling the Trans-Siberian route you will see the the "real" Russia. If such is the case, may we humbly suggest that a train going through Siberian taiga and plain steppes does not give you anything that resembles a typical view. The glamorous feeling wears out after two days in the train, and then you count days and hours and spend the rest of the trip longing for a shower.

We have a better and gentler alternative for those who want to see Russian apart from Moscow, St. Petersburg and the notorious Golden Ring.

Several years ago we bought a country cottage on the Volga river near the city of Staritsa in the Tver region, between Moscow and St. Petersburg. From the very start of this project we thought of plotting an alternative tourist route between Moscow and St. Petersburg though small towns, villages and huge empty spaces.

Now we are ready to receive guests. Horseback riding, caving and rafting are among the attractions we can offer. MOVING TO WWW.RUSSIAN-HORSE-RIDES.COM

Pasha & Olesya

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