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airport_pick_up.gif (9578 bytes)A mere $40 input into my household economy will convince me to overcome my distaste for driving and actually go to the airport myself and stand there in a smoke-filled Mafia-infested hall with a silly little sign with your name or my froggy loggo on it.

This service is highly recommended if you are here for the first time.

I invite you to discuss your plans on our way from Sheremetyevo to your destination. Traffic situation permitting, we can also do a brief overview tour of central Moscow. 

Train station pickup is $30.

If you prefer to get to your destination on your own, I can send you instructions on how to get there from the airport by public transit. That's not that difficult actually, and one out of two traveller makes this trip it with no ill-adventures whatsoever.

- Pasha

PS. I've received comments to the effect that my airport pickup service is overpriced. Unfortunately, I am not able to avail my time for less than the indicated amount, but you may wish to call Moscow Taxi at (+7-095) 927-0000, 128-5957, 128-9477 or 128-7763. Also there is a crowd of aiport drivers waiting for you.

PPS. I've received verbal abuse for not being able to offer Sheremetyevo to Vnukovo rides (100-120km and 5-6 hours of driving and waiitng time) for $40US. If someone tells me how I can sell my time for that little and still keep my operation afloat I'd be eternally grateful.

PPS. Since writing the above I've seen several cases of people who attempt to save on airport pickup ending up lost, having money extorted by punks, and in other ways starting their Moscow trip on a very wrong note. I am thinking of making airport pickup a mandatory part of my services. Maybe instead of the weekly discounts on accommodation I should offer free rides? Any other ideas on how I can convince you to use this service? 



**A recommended link to a complimentary service, placed on collegial basis**


Intelservice Limited (www.visatorussia.com, write to tkrivko@intelservice.ru) . Mention me - uncle Pasha - and receive a small discount. Intelservice offers a good combination of price and quality, on-line invitation requests and visa applications, 24 hours a day emergency assistance. Most importantly, many my clients spoke well of them and thus I recommend that you take your visa problems to them.


PS. Mention me in the comments field and receive a small discount.


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