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I spend most of my time in a deserted village of Dubrovki in the vicinity of the ancient city of Staritsa in the Tver Region, between Tver and Rzhev. Click ../homestead_e.htm to read what I'm trying to do here.

The setting is probably as Russian as it gets, and you are welcomed to visit me there in your search for "the real thing".

Expected contribution let's say $25/night if affordable. This is so far from tourist haunts that please don't be surprises if a story gets printed about you in the local paper - so rare are foreigners here!

No conveniences, 7200bpm (sic) Internet connection, no sober person miles around on holidays. The old girl Daisy pulling a crude wooden sleigh or a cart serves as the main mode of transportation.

As a development on the eco- and extreme-tourism theme I'm thinking of marketing Dubrovki and the surrounding area as "Misery Tourism", under the this slogan - 

"Misery Tourism - come look at, laugh at
and feel for those people
not quite so fortunate as yourself"

Is that what you've been looking for? If so, click HERE.

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