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Zephyr Press (publisher of Explorer's Guides and Russian literature in translation) - Moscow expat site - "Sites and Sounds of Pyatnitskaya Street" - Tourist scam alerts




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Link collections

  • Sher's Russian web - or  I didn't get what the main point of this site is, but it does contain a comprehensive links list on subjects such as art, literature, music, religion, universities, geography, travel, newspapers, sports, women, children, history, philosophy, theatre, language and so on.

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Health and safety

  • Petty street crimes, incl. money exchange - (in Russian, but a must to read nevertheless; I'll do a review with my clients..)
  • My own musings on the safety aspect of Russian travel. [to be added; the main idea is that Russia can be remarkably safe or otherwise, depending on who you are, the objectivist world-view fails utterly here; examples of my own and other's experience]
  • Emergency health care [some of my own stories]
  • - Tourist scam alerts, mostly apply to western Europe, but it would not hurt knowing them if you are on your way to Russia

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e-shop LIRA   Books, audio, video, software and souvenirs for all Russian-speaking population of the world. Delivery in 7-12 days by air around the world. All major credit cards accepted. Contact or  +7(095)280-8624

Tickets and visa support

  • JetTravel - Inexpensive and hassle-free tickets.  (095) 207-9008, 207-1800, fax 207-1876,,,   Sretenka 16, office 48, Moscow 103045.
  • Sharma Travel - In Ottawa I and my friends always bought from Sharma Travel - 36-174 Colonnade Road, Ottawa K2E 7J5, (613) 224-4447. They can get real deals..

Visa support

Over the years we've been looking at, recommending and testing various visa support agencies, getting client feedback, ourselves acting as shadow clients, and are pleased to announce the winner:
(mention me - uncle Pasha - and receive a small discount)

Advantages of taking your visa problem to this company:

  • Acceptable prices. Not the lowest, but quite competitive.
  • Fast response to e-mails. If you've worked   in Russia you'll appreciate the importance of it. If not, take my word that reacting to business communications in timely manner is by no means universal here.
  • 24-hour hotline
  • A network of agents throughout Europe, Canada, and the States.
  • Registration on the spot.
  • Informative and easy-to-navigate website
  • [add something about their interests stretching beyond just visa support]

Accommodation (on the cheaper side)

Travellers Guest House:, www.iro.iu
Ismailovo Hotel: (095) 737-7000, livable rooms from $25/night
In St.Peters contact Roxana:
Travel2000 -

Travellers with special interests: Vegetarians | More Vegetarians | Gay and lesbian | Physically challenged | Eco-tourism | Cycling Club -

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