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We value all of our clients. But some are more equal than others.

What type of guest we prefer -

We especially welcome people like us: independent professionals who look for practicality and value for money, who come to Russia for a reason, who have something to contribute, and who are flexible and open about their needs and their resources.

Vegetarians, do-gooders, academic types, the writing and reporting folk is particularly welcomed.

Personal attention and discounts are among the things a preferred client may expect.

The funny thing is that clients of this category by some reason often choose to make a greater contribution than asked.

An easy way to acquire the preferred status is by checking out the HELP US and other pages and bringing or sending us something you don't need while we do. Good baby clothes are one of the most important items on the list. THIS SEEMS TO BE COVERED.

Supporters of our rural development project (see automatically obtain the preferred status.

Naturally, good clients are good communicators. They explain what they need and why, and indicate why specifically they are sending their request to me. Spam-like requests sent to a dozen vendors result in a nearly-automatic response; well-written inquiries sent specifically to me elicit a thoughtful and informative response from me.

About 10% of our clients fall into the "preferred" category.

Just thought I'd let you know how things look from our perspective.



PS. Our recent review of the clientele indicated that at least 20% are "preferred", and of those that contact us through this site close to 50% are more than entirely OK. The world is obviously improving.



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