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Send us your Russia-related inquiries

"You're the first person who has been able to give me clear answers to most of my questions."
      Andrea Batstone
      BC, Canada

We welcome Russia-related inquiries. 

Little ones are answered right away as a complimentary service to actual or potential clients.

But I am willing to spend minutes a day responding inquiries on volunteer basis, not hours. If I have an answer to your question in my head, in my computer, in the phone directory, on, in, above, under, or someplace around my desk, you'll get it. Please don't expect me to spend significant time on the phone on your behalf or actually go somewhere for free.

Questions need to be specific. A request of the sort "send me some info on travelling to Vyatka" will be ignored. And I haven't made this one up. 

Inquiries like "I need a list of polyurethane producers in the Tver region, and appointments made with their heads" are welcomed under the Business Services category. Yes, we can also do little errands. Or big errands. But these will almost always be paid services. 

Apart from my - Olesya is not quite as cynical yet - natural desire to make a few bucks off you, I genuinely want to see my country open, accessible and affordable to visit. This, in part, is why I am answering questions. 

If deemed to be of general interest, questions I receive are added to the FAQ sheet, PRICES, and similar documents. Good luck finding them.  

Another related document worth looking at before your departure to the periphery of civilisation is the Heavy Duty Traveller's Packing List...

- Pasha


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October 16, 2001