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Read others' praise, complaints, cursings and other verbal reactions to my activity. Totally uncensored, everything submitted is posted here.

>You're the first
>person who has been able to give me clear answers to most of my questions.
>Thanks again - Cheers Andrea (Andrea Batstone, BC, Canada)

You sound like a frustrated, bigotted, intolerant bully. There is no need to write in such a non-constructive, confrontational style. - haymanjulie@hotmail.com

Russia is a pain in the ass of a country... [everything] can turn into a
misadventure. Avoid Russia if you can. Hire "Uncle Pasha" or his charming
wife Olesya as your advisors and guardians if you cannot.

...be warned of his Easter despot's manner... [he will] sit in front of his ancient laptop, wearing an Uzbek coat and sipping his Turkish coffee, patiently waiting for you to really run into trouble. Then, with a sadistic smirk, he will proceed with that peculiar lazy Asiatic efficiency to rescue you... My advice is to hear the gentle suggestions he freely gives out and to act accordingly. And his fees - he prefers calling them "contributions" - are more than reasonable given the headache he rids you off ...... I only wish there were people like him in other cities, and especially in Vladivostok, where I spend three days in the state of frustrated disorientation trying to change tickets while knowing that the "Uncle Pasha way" solution is perhaps just a phone call away.

By the way, write to me if you need advice on the Seul-Moscow-Vladivostok-Victoria, BC-Seul travel loop.

Robert Proudlove



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