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Ugly Disclaimer No. 1

Please note that this Russian travel site and the concept it signifies was developed in the best of the Russian or Soviet tradition of not giving a damn about you, the client.

Rephrased politely, it means that this travel service product lacks client focus and is largely based on my own tastes, views, prejudices and sentiments. As such, the concept presented here is intended for people of my type, and for the type of traveller I myself was years ago.

Backpackers, do-gooders,  students of the world and humanity, and lost souls with 25 bucks a day to spare to my cause may remain here.

(Those able to afford $55 per night plus $40 for airport transfer must definitely remain; they may even expect me to adjust my attitude a bit).

Presently, in response to demand from both my colleagues in the foreigner rip-off business and travelling public at large I am putting together another, official, proper, respectable and respectful client-focussed site intended not to express my warped personality, but to convince you to part with your money. Yes, even ugly Americans will be tolerated there, and we'll even try to make them feel as if they were welcomed. BTW, ugly American stories will be collected HERE. To be truthful I need to say that only a minority of them generate stories. I'll further add that following the upload of the "Ugly Disclaimers" and "Our Prejudices" pages the quality of our guest has drastically improved and some are positively nice, especially the Americans...

Ugly disclaimer No. 2

Please note that traveller assistance is but a side-line for me.  I am neither a tour operator nor a travel agent. Hospitality is not my field. When it comes to travel, I aim to provide value, but not to cater to your whims. Don't expect anything other than efficiency and a genuine wish to assist an independent budget-minded traveller of the sort I am (or was) myself some time ago. 

Please also be aware that I am an aging de-socialized grouch living in a deserted village in gloomy Tver backwoods, and intensely disliking humanity from there. Although when venturing to Moscow I leave some of my attitude behind, traces of it remain.


Ugly Disclaimer No.....

With one exception, accommodation options listed here and elsewhere are owned, maintained, and operated by independent landlords. Although we make every effort to monitor business integrity and quality of service, and to facilitate communications, and are on the standby and ready to step in should complications develop, we cannot be held fully responsible - especially in the legal sense - for your arrangements with landlords.

We are NOT travel agents. We compile information, throw in a few of our own observations, and give advice for your consideration. We help travellers to Russian BUT WE DO NOT ARRANGE TRIPS. Those who do not feel comfortable with the idea of independent travel should contact a licensed and certified travel agent.

Ugly Disclaimer No.....



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October 16, 2001