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This and related pages are dedicated to making Russia a bit more open to independent, inquisitive budget-minded travellers I once was before turning into an old grouch fatally attached to my country cottage, or "dacha", where the chair in front of the fireplace is quickly becoming the center of my universe..

Business services such as translating, interpreting, information searches etc. are also available to value- and quality-minded clients.

Please take a special look at our Moscow accommodation pages.

Write me with all your Russia-related concerns, whether private or related to business, ordinary or off-the-wall. Chances are, I either have resources to meet your needs, or know  someone who will.     

- Pasha

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Writing to anything@unclepasha.com  is best. If you opt to telephone me at (+7-095) 959-3865/ in Moscow, or (+7-08263) 23036 in my Tver backwoods hideout, please be aware that I dislike phone calls and in any case PLEASE MIND THE TIME DIFFERENCE! You wake me up at 4am - and forget about any discounts or preferred client status. In fact, you may forget about the client status period. Another number is Olesya's mobile: (902) 117-1527. Same rule applies, except she is a late riser, and receiving calls to the mobile costs an arm and a leg. S-mail in Russia is Ovchinnikovskaya 8, apt. 508, Moscow 113035. I find old-time mail messages cute and quaint and give them preferrential treatment...

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Rural Russian travel
(mostly in Russian for now but I'll be happy to machine-translate materials on the region that interest you - pv)

Featured Russian Travel Resource:

R U S S I A N  V I S A S
Having observed the visa support market for several years I've taken my pick and am pleased to recommend Intelservice Ltd.
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(mention me - uncle Pasha - and receive a small discount)

A report on the Staritsa to Tver raft trip down the Volga river

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(most sites are in Russian, you are welcomed to request an English resume as a part of my free service to make Russia open and accessible)

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Uncle Pasha's RUSSIAN TRAVEL PAGEThe Village of Dubrovki on the Volga River. This picture is supposed to convey the sense of vast Russian expanse, all-encompassing despair or whatever else you happen to expect.. Romashka ("Daisy"), one of our four all-terrain vehicles, is taking us to the town of Staritsa 7 miles away. Winter 1999-2000


Russian Interest Links

All about St.Petersburg and RussiaSt.Petersburg: huge city guide with maps, livecams....classical music in mp3 & Real Audiuo...catalog of websites, mass media, gay & lesbian, visas & many others

Museum of
"The House
on the Embankment"
residence of top party officials since 1931


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