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"for the sophisticated misanthrope in you"


We usually have plenty of work, from teaching English and editing texts to digging dirt and shoveling manure at our "dacha", for those who have no money to pay for our services. Daily accommodation with good food and beer, plus something to nourish the soul, will equal to 4-6 hours of educated Westerner's work. Send your resume, IN TEXT FORMAT, with your inquiry.

I'll have to ask you not to draw me into lengthy correspondence. I will answer specific questions but I am not likely to be interested in your views on life, death, and the nature of things unless they are relevant, original, and well worded, which is unlikely.   

Once you are here, however, I'll take you very seriously and give you all the required time and attention. Or, you can start making your input into our work even before coming here, which will make you one of our team, with all the consequences.

As I said, specific inquiries are welcomed, and the tone above is a response to numerous inquiries by the owners of tortured souls who never seem to move to positive action.


PS. Check out the Job Offers page

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