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A cynical confession

In putting together this little resource I was motivated not only the the desire to make travelling to Russia easier to fellow vegetarians. I also need to make a living. Here is what I offer in exchange for your financial input into keeping my operation afloat:

Accommodation in Moscow. Your can rent my apartment in the very center of the city. Or proceed to my list that has several very attractive offers starting from quite decent $25 to $50/night rooms and $70/night apartments.

This accommodation project generates me a few roubles in commission from apartment owners and homestay hosts.


Complimentary in-depth pre-trip advice!

All sorts of business supports services, from running small errands to acting as your virtual office to visiting trade shown on your behalf. I can be your eyes, ears, and feet in Russia. See

"Poverty made me do that".
Yes, I will even do Russian bride searches. BTW, this is Natasha, 30-something,
who is up for grabs. Attractive if you don't mind her frozen facial expression. Natasha speaks decent English and is highly motivated to marry and leave Russia for a warmer climate.
More Russian brides from Uncle Pasha here >>

When things are real slow I put on the driver's hat and am ready to meet you at the airport and otherwise act as your guide and driver. See

Ideally I make others do the dirty work while I sit on my behind collecting 10% commission but now, with the recession in full swing compounded with this country going to hell you are likely to see me with a silly sign waiting for you at the airport.

This mini-van takes 4 passengers and about the same number of large suitcases.
A roof rack and a utility trailer to be added soon! Suitable for long-distance travel.

Sanity-recovering dacha sojourns and horse riding near Staritsa, Tver region, on the Volga, sort of between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

See Yes, several hours of riding for $25 during off-season work days to $60 for VIP treatment, including prepared vegetarian meals and assistance with horses.


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