Vegetarian dating

Many of "how do I connect with Russian vegetarians" questions I receive come from men looking for girlfriends/brides in Russia.  If you are already in Moscow and are a sociable type, as most vegetarians are, try vegetarian cafes/clubs or vegetarian and animal rights organizations. Otherwise, here is a list of resources you may find useful: In English. As of February 2006 it showed about 30 vegetarian women within 500 miles from Moscow. I spent an hour exploring their site and was impressed.


vegetarian singles and vegan singles A similar database, all in English, with about the same number of Russian vegetarians, mostly women.  has a few entries from Russia. It appears at a glance that you can respond the ads without even signing up.


To be checked out:,

The subject of vegetarian dating occasionally comes up in the forum, miscellaneous section. If you can handle even a bit of Russian, or have someone to assist you, try  My impression is that many Vita members are fluent in English. is a "New Age" site with a long list of women looking to get acquainted. At a glance, 1/3 of them are vegetarians. Russian only. also has a forum with a few vegetarian dating ads. 

The Anastasia Club has an active Let's create a family section. The main idea of the Anastasia movement is small family settlements in the countryside but many members of this New Age group are vegetarians and the vast majority have vegetarian sentiments. Seems like an impressive collection of good people, both men and women. Most of them, however, has some sort of a mystical attachment to Mother Russia and would not want to relocate.

Feb. 7, 2007