January 2012
Dead seasons. Sold my soul to the devil. For a few kopecks agreed to allow irrelevant advertising on my sites.

October 30/10
Added an Indian food catering service to my Cafes & Restaurants list

July 3/10
Doing a bit of work on Uncle Pasha's Cafe after several happy guests and a couple of requests for consultations. Please be reminded that I'm sort of LOOKING FOR SUITABLE SPACE FOR SUCH AN ESTABLISHMENT.

May 19 2010. Reviewed and updated links. To my great regret most pages that show in response to vegetarian+Russia queries are either no longer there is homelessly outdated.

May 12 2010
Found a source of homemade soymilk at 30 roubles ($1) per 330ml bottle. See the Vietnamese market in Shopping for vegetarians. The soymilk kiosk is just by the back entrance to the market.

May 10 2010
Added the Kosher store (a source of couscous, bulgur, and soy milk) to the Shopping page.

March 4. Found a source of tofu and soy milk. See  They speak English. Expensive!

February 23, 2010
While the rest of the country is celebrating the Red Army day I'm putting together the concept menu for my, to be opened at some undefined future time, cafe.

Feb. 22, 2010
Checked the Links page and was disappointed that most resources are down.

February 3, 2010
Found, in the middle of a huge industrial zone in the Maryina rosha district, the much talked about but seen by only a few Vietnamese market. AND A TO-FU SELLER WHO SWORE SHE ALWAYS HAS THE STUFF.

For details see the Vegetarian shopping in Moscow page.

Jan. 29, 2010
Unverified hints where to get to-fu:


January 23, 2010
Discovered that Indian Spices now has four locations and listed them under
Vegetarian cafes and shops

September 30 2009
Added a new vegetarian/Indian store "Himalaya" to the St. Petersburg page

New! Mastering Russian Veggies [APRIL 09 - YOU NEED TO BE REGISTERED TO OPEN OLD ISSUES], an article by Natalia Vasilyeva in the April 9, 2008 issue of Russia Today.  (A copy on my server is HERE)

New! December 17, 2008
After searching long and hard I've re-discovered semi-acceptable to-fu. "Alyye Parusa" supermarket, ulitsa Novokuznetskaya 13. Follow the streetcar tracks from Metro Novokuznetskaya along ulitsa Novokuznetskaya away from Red Square. In about five minutes you'll see a bright red sign to your left. That's it. Visiting this supermarket is part of the neighbourhood orientation tour for those renting my apartment. [APRIL 2009 - THEY NO LONGER SEEM TO CARRY IT, DAMN, AND WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE ME OUT OF HERE PLEASE]

April 7, 2008  Added Sophia & Alla, both vegetarians, to the Accommodation in exchange for English page of my [April 09 - BOTH DECLARED THAT VEGETARIAN DIET IS NOT FOR HUMANS AND CERTAINLY NOT FOR THEM.]

January 18, 2008 Just added the famous Julia to the list of drivers capable of meeting you at the airport and getting you oriented in Moscow. As a vegetarian, Julia will be able to advise you where to shop/eat. Unlike me she is a snob, and will enthusiastically point to "best" as opposed to cheapest places. An owner of two passenger vans, suitable for families, filming crews, or long camping trips. Extensively travelled by auto throughout Russia and neighbouring countries. Fast yet smooth driving style. Familiar with the New Age / Vegetarian / Jungian / Back-to-nature scene. She can be an excellent gateway to the gentler side of Russia. Recommended greatly. [APRIL 2009 - JULIA NO LIVES IN KALUGA REGION BACKWOODS AND IS THINKING OF FOLLOWING MY EXAMPLE WITH THE RURAL HOSPITALITY CONCEPT.. WATCH FOR AN UPDATE ON JULIA'S ADVENTURE. ]