Vegetarian shopping in Moscow

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"Health Food"
Moscow's only semblance of a health food store is Jaghannath (a store and a cafe), Kuznetsky most 11. Prices for identical products may easily be twice what they are elsewhere.  But the place is styled in a proper vegetarian/New Age way, and is easy to find.

Vietnamese market - your source of tofu, sprouts, hot peppers, soy milk, and rice vodka
For cheap and fresh tofu go to the Vietnamese market hidden in the midst of an industrial part of town. The street is Semnadtsatyy proyezd Mar'yinoy Roshi. Look for No. 11 behind a battered metal gate.

They also sell vegetables, some of them  unusually fresh by Moscow standards, and often cheap. Here is an example of my first (February 3, 2010) catch there:

A big bad of smelly bamboo for 90 roubles ($3US), bean sprouts for 40 roubles ($1.35) for a huge bag of the freshest stuff I've seen in this city, soybean paste for 70 roubles/pack, which is half of what it costs in a supermarket if at all available, parsley-like grass the name of which I don't know, sea weed for sushi for 40 roubles/pack (usually sells for at least 100 elsewhere), a piece of exotic two foot long green pumpkin, small peppers that I haven't seen from my Canada days and, of course, to-fu. In the center of this bliss is a bottle of  rice vodka for 200 roubles. At this price it has to be smuggled. The fact that I'm supporting  illegal activity is one extra source of joy for me.

Fellow vegetarians please be warned that to-fu is kept in somewhat unappetizing environment.

Avocadoes are 30 roubles each ($1) at the Vietnamese market while elsewhere they generally sell for 60-70.

Finding the place may be a challenge. The nearest subway stop is Dmitrovskaya. My guess is that walking time is about 30 min. and that the appropriate Gypsy cab offering is 100 roubles (about $3.40 as of February 2010).

Soy milk at 30 roubles ($1) per bottle.

Tofu and soy milk can also be ordered from Vegaria. Their site is in Russian only but they speak passable English. Call them at +7 499 340 7692. Their tofu is 200 roubles (about $7) per kilogram and soya milk is 60 roubles ($2) per bottle. Delivery is another 250 roubles ($8). No delivery fee for orders over 2000 roubles ($70).

Fake sausage

A store run by the Monastery of Saint Daniel, Metro Tulskaya. Photos and details on getting there will be posted later but if you make it to Metro Tulskaya and then ask "Gde monastyr?" just about any passer by will send you in the right direction. If you fail to see the store ("magazin") ask "Gde magazin". Once there say "postnaya kolbasa" ("lent sausage"). In my view the imitation salami is best.

PS. I was not allowed to take photos of their fake sausage shelf. Here is the front of the store to help you identify it:

Weiwang Chinese Imports has a lot of Chinese/Japanese things. Their site is in Chinese and Russian only. Getting there: M. Krasnoselskaya, ul. Verkhnaya Krasnoselskaya 2 at the premises a wallpaper factory (фабрика обоев), 10 min. walk from the metro station. TO ENTER THE FACTORY YOU NEED TO HAVE SOME SORT OF ID. Open 10:30 to 6:00 Mon. to Sat., tel. +7-495-9811037 / +7-495-9811038, e-mail   They also have an outlet in St. Petersburg. See my Vegetarian stuff in St. Petersburg page. THEY HAVE NO TO-FU. THE STUFF IS JARS LABELED "TO-FU" IS THE WORSE I'VE EVER TRIED. Good cheap seaweed for sushi. Kikkoman soy sauce of Chinese origin in industrial-size bottles.

PS. The Kikkoman soy sauce labeled "Made in China" turned out to be seriously diluted. Stick to the stuff from The Netherlands. Minimal purchase is 250 roubles. On the positive side, they have authentic-looking iron woks for around 350 roubles (just over $10).

Indian Spices. Sretenka 36/2, tel. 207-1621, open daily 9-9. Metro Sukharevskaya Ploshad. Excellent fake goulash for those craving for the taste of flesh. Raw and marinated ginger, frozen okra, lentil patties from India, good Basmati rice etc. The owners, real Indians, speak English. I'm able to offer a varied vegetarian menu at my dacha near Staritsa thanks largely this establishment. 
   Their other recently opened location is at Ul. Miklukho-Maklaya 5/2, M. Belyayevo or M. Yugo-Zapadnaya, tel. 956-2403, 434-6629, open daily 10-10. They also have an outlet in the basement of a shopping mall the name of which escapes me at the moment right by Metro Tushinskaya.

Kosher store - for bulgur, couscous, soy milk, and sesame seed paste. Trifonovskaya 45, Metro Prospekt Mira, tel. (495) 221-1111.

Olive oil soap can be found in Arab Soap, Pokrovka 2, Metro Kitai-Gorod. Open Monday to Friday 10:30am to 8pm. EXPENSIVE! A bar of soap will cost you $10-20! But if you are stuck.. Their site is Russian is

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Non-leather shoes from Beyond Skin (UK)
Apparently these guys have not yet discovered what a pain it is to deal with Russia. For the time being they say they will ship here. Payment by credit card.  When ordering please remember to keep the cost of the parcel well under 5000 roubles ($170) or you'll be hassled/charged by the customs (30% of the purchase value) and the delivery company (at least $100 service charge for dealing with customs on your behalf).

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Yes, you can order a vegetarian (vegan) welcome basket to be waiting for you in Moscow. Think of comfort and SAVINGS from NOT having to use expensive restaurants. When making an order you may take as a guide the list of recommended items from my Uncle Pasha's Cafe page. An equivalent of $50-70 will get enough stuff to feed two for 2-3 days. Your contribution to my cause is $50. Or, for the same financial input into keeping my afloat I'll take you shopping.