From now on all I come across on the subject of vegetarianism in Moscow will be added to , the official compilation of my Moscow-related bits of info. This page is unlikely to be updated.

A compilation of materials to help English-speaking vegetarian travellers to stay well-fed and otherwise comfortable should they be crazy enough to chose Moscow as their destination. Vegetarian cafes, vegetarian-friendly homestays, vegetarian organizations, vegetarian dating in Russia, my favourite places to shop in Moscow.. Some info on Saint Petersburg is also available.

Enquiries from vegetarians planning to visit this bleak and cold land of vodka, sausage, absurd visa rules, crooked cops, and compulsively and continuously spitting populace - what have I done do deserve living here?! - are welcomed. 

Operators of vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly restaurants, food shops, camps, and other establishments, especially outside of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg if such happen to be found in Russia and surrounding territories, are encouraged to send me information to be added to this page. Your story will be posted and possibly featured. Fast, gratis, and with no volume limitation other than that dictated by common sense. Just write.










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