("Exaltation of the Cross")

This charitable organization of good repute is based in Tver, Russia. I would like to bring to your attention only its its project in Staritsa, Tver region, where it is represented by Paulina Yegorkina, the orphanage director till she retired in 2003. After her retirement she took up collection and distribution of clothing to poor single mothers and general monitoring of their situations under the auspices of Exaltation.

As an admirer of Paulina and an occasional recipient of her most excellent home-make moonshine I am happy to help the cause, and to get you involved too.

There are two ways in which we can help:

(a) Paulina is losing eyesight and needs and operation. Done right at a good hospital it is a $800 project, of which half has already been collected. The operation I hear is scheduled for December. If I don't have funds collected by that time I'll cover the rest myself but then will turn into a beggar till I bum the rest from you people.

(b) You can give me good unwanted clothing to be taken to Staritsa, for distribution to single mothers under Paulina's care. Ideally you will bring them, sorted out, to me (Metro Novokuznetskaya or Tretyakovskaya) or Olesya (M. Voykovskaya). Each donation will generate a report here, on the Exaltation page. If you are interested in district-scale glory the city's official newspaper, Staritsky Vestnik, will print an article about you. See www.russian-horse-rides.com for examples of such printed souvenirs.

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