Издеваются. Прислали вот такое под заголовком “Паша на севере”.

пингвин хотел бы сеять свёклу
солить капусту нянчить кур
сушить камыш растить колосья
но льды и шансов никаких

ни пса ни кисю а пингвинку
хочу мы были б с ней друзья
я ей массировал бы ластки
и лёд на пузик в грелке б клал

(народное творчество, потырено отсюда

A reminder of where I am

A friend of mine. A liberal intelligentsia type. But letting a bitch in heat out and then drowning puppies is a natural thing for her.

..Personally, I find the sensation associated with holding breath to be highly unpleasant. Perhaps the most unpleasant of them all. 

..And here is a discussion of death by drowning:  boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/archive/index.php/t-67955.html  Does not sound that horrible actually.

Tal.ki forum for WordPress

The only one I was able to insert into a WordPress page on the first attempt was Tal.ki Forum.  Putting it on my Recommended plugins list if you insist on  hosting your own forum. For at least 10 years I’ve been with www.boards2go.com and am very happy with it. For $10-20 you get a hell of a lot impressions with no annoying advertising. I also have a couple of Dupal (?) forums and they’ve been working with no interruption for 2-4 years. Still, the time/trouble it takes to set up a forum inclines me in favour of a simple 3rd party board such as board2go.com

A slice-of-life scene from Vodny Station

A crowd of pedestrians near Metro Vodny Station is waiting for the traffic light to turn green.  One man speaks angrily out loud to no one in particular: “Why are you standing here like rams? Go! Can’t you see the road is free?!”. And people go. Another man shouts at them from behind “Stop! Can’t you see the light is red?!”.

 I’ve deleted my comments on the above.  Sapienti sat.

Про эволюционные скачки. В ответ нытикам.

В ответ друзьями и коллегам, жалующимся на технологические улучшения, цепляющиеся друг за друга и имеющие результат противоположный желаемому, сочинил вот такое. Понравилась формулировка. Вывешиваю на всеобщее обозрение. Continue reading

My plugins list to help those at the start of their WordPress adventure or misadventure

It was not easy. Took me many months (close to two years actually) of trial and error but here it is. Works well with Weaver II.  Under 2 seconds loading time in most cases at LiquidWeb that would be be great if not near daily crashes. Wish I stayed away from WordPress and associated crap. Now I may be seeing light at the end of the tunnel though. Here is the hard-won set of plugins:

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