Bokma from Holland for Alexandra

Baksheesh does wonders in this land.

A good motivator for Alexandra, from whom you can rent a very inexpensive functional apartment near Metro Alexeyevskaya, would be a bottle of Bokma.


Why would you want to be on her good side? For one things, she is offering perhaps the cheapest apartment you will find in this overpriced city. $90/night, $500/week, $1500/month for a one-bedroom right by Metro Alexeyevskaya, AIR, washer, internet. Walking distance to the Sokolniki park. More about her apartment available starting the beginning of June 2013 >>

Any information-gathering work is up her alley too.  She often coordinates me when I’m out roaming Moscow on behalf of my client.

Alexandra is an expert in the Kola peninsula, and anybody with an interest in less explored parts of Russia is advised to make a friendly gesture towards Alexandra. An easy way to do that would be to bring a bottle of this stuff which she never got because I drank it all when I needed to keep myself alive during one long week with clients from hell but that’s another story.


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